Spring 2015 Rough Trade

The  newest Rough Trade Challenge/Camp will be starting in just a couple of days.  It’s a two part challenge. The first being Historical and the second being Immortal.

I am taking part only in the second challenge.  Sadly, writing anything historical seems to be out of my range right now.  But, I am looking forward to writing the Immortal part.

You can find my Project File here.  It’s based off a series I started working on years ago called Faith’s, which is now and forever in the hiatus section.  However, I do plan on finishing this story.  Really.  I swear.  Stop looking at me like that.

I’ll be posting strictly on RT until the end of the challenge (the second half starts on the 17th of April).  At the end of it, I might start posting it here, or I might wait until I have it finished and beta’d.  It all depends on how I feel.  So, click the RT link to keep up to date on my project.  And while you’re there read the others too.  Just been nice in your comments and follow the rules that Keira has put forth.




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