Upcoming and WIPs

These are the stories I will be working on for 2016/2017.  Of course, this isn’t all I might work on, and things might change.  Please don’t ask or hound for updates.  That just makes me cranky and cranky!Ash doesn’t write.

Three Steps Beyond Tomorrow
Original Fic, M/M
The was a RT fic that I never finished but have been quietly working on for awhile.

BtVS/TW Zombie Crossover
Peter/Stiles, Possible cross with my Master series, which is Angel/Xander/Spike main pairing.

Current bits posted post-EAD

In the Summer I will either be working on The Halcyon Myth or something new. I do have a few ideas in mind :D.

There might be a poll at some time to help me pick which one.







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