The Master – Prologue 3 – Paying the Debt

Warning: This is a demons made them do it, sex pollen type story.  If that bothers you, don’t read.


Xander followed his lover and Angel through the sewers, happy beyond belief that Sunnydale’s sewers were fairly clean. He couldn’t imagine walking through one in L.A. or some other place like that. Then again, Sunnydale catered to its demon population and that meant the sun-sensitive needed safe passage through the city and the underground walkways definitely provided that.

He stopped when the two vampires halted and strained his sense to see what alerted them. In the distance he could barely hear the snarling, hissing language of the Kithan, the demons they were tracking. Grabbing his crossbow, Xander checked it quickly and then loaded a bolt and waited. It didn’t take long for the strangely feline reptilians to come boiling out of hidden holes, all snarling and snapping as they advanced. Xander took a step back and levelled his weapon, waiting to see what his companions did.

“You’ve broken a treaty,” Angel said shortly. He glared at the demons. “That is a punishable crime.”

“Who are you to decide that?” the lead Kithan growled as it inched forward.

“I’m the Master of Sunnydale,” the dark vampire replied calmly, though he slipped into a deceptively casual stance. Beside him Spike took up a similar stance.

“We don’t acknowledge you as Master,” the Kithan said defiantly.

“That doesn’t change the fact that I am,” Angel replied. “You broke the treaty you had with the Vroli. They have asked me to bring you to stand trial.” He grinned evilly, a very Angelus expression. “You can fight us, but you will stand trial.”

Hissing, the lead Kithan rushed them and Xander calmly shot it, watching as it reeled around and fell to the ground, keening in pain at the bolt sticking out of its upper chest.

“Anyone else want to try?” Angel asked urbanely.

A few more leapt forward and this time the two vampires meant the violence with violence. They moved in unison, easily tossing combatants at each other. Xander loaded another bolt and waited to see if any of the Kithan tried to rush past them. A couple eyed him but backed off when he raised the crossbow. It only took a few minutes for the vampires to subdue the more aggressive Kithan and the rest huddled together in small clumps.

“Now that that’s settled, you’ll accompany us back to the Vroli nest,” Angel commanded, gesturing for them to march.

The injured demons moaned, but obeyed and were followed by their kin. The whole trip to the Vroli nest, Xander kept his crossbow ready; he didn’t trust the defeated demons. The sentries at the Vroli nest beamed happily as the clan of Kithan marched sullenly past them and into the holding area.

“Thank you, Master,” one sentry said with a bow as the other ran to fetch the Elders. “We are in your debt.”

“While that is true, I am currently only trying to put the city back in order,” the vampire told the sentry. “I ask for no debt.”

“Be that as it may, a debt is owed,” the approaching Elder said serenely. “You have saved our latest clutch, and even if you were not the Master a debt would be due.”

Angel sighed and Xander hid a smile. The souled vampire hated having any of the peaceful demons indebted to him. The less than peaceful ones were a different story. Still, Xander knew there was no way they would get out of there without the Vroli paying their debt. The Vroli were very honourable demons and having a debt of any kind hanging over the nest was seen as a major sin. He wondered what they would give them. The last time it had been a beautiful set of swords that Spike was still trying to steal from Angel.

“Come,” the Elder commanded, heading toward the back rooms. “The others are busying trying the Kithan, I will pay our debt.”

Sighing again, Angel nodded to Xander and Spike and they all followed the Elder through the nest. It wasn’t the first time Xander had been in the Vroli nest, but he was always amazed at the simply beauty. The nest was a series of natural caves just within the borders of the town. Though natural, all the walls had been polished to a mirror shine and multicoloured crystals studded them, forming abstract patterns in the rock face. The last time he had been there, Xander had found himself in one of the further caverns staring at the winking crystals for hours, mesmerized by their beauty. When he had come out of his trance he had found several of the Elders beaming at him and declaring him kin.

“Sit, sit,” the Elder said, pointing to the scattered cushions on the floor. “We must decide what would be the appropriate gift to cover our debt.”

“Anything would do,” Angel began.

“Pah,” the Elder spat. “Not anything. Like must be paid with like. You have done us a great service today by catching those marauders. We must gift in accordance.” She looked at them critically and Xander felt a shiver of worry. “You are unbounded.”

“Yes,” Angel started.

“That will not do,” she interrupted. She studied them again. “That will work.” She then called out in the language of her people. From a distance someone answered and moments later several other Vroli entered the cavern. “We must pay our debt. Venish, begin the spell.”

“Spell?” Angel exclaimed, standing quickly. Spike and Xander stood as well, forming a united front.

“No harm,” she smiled. “Sit. We will pay.”

Xander blinked as magic washed over him and shivered as his skin became ultra sensitive. Beside him Spike growled a little and shifted closer, his eyes constantly changing from blue to yellow. Angel stiffened and a grimace passed over his face.

“You can’t do this,” he ground out. “The curse-”

“Will be changed,” the Elder nodded. “We fix. Relax. We pay.”

“What is happening?” Xander asked, looking at his lover.

“It’s a lust spell,” Spike replied, reaching over and pulling Xander closer. He glared at the Elder. “What are you doing?”

“You are not Mated,” she stated. “We fix.”

“No,” Angel snapped. “This isn’t right.”

“Relax,” she said again and the spell swelled around them. Xander groaned as a feeling of need settled into his bones. “Take them to the blue room; the young one likes it there.”

The other Vroli lead them off and Xander considered fighting, but the want in him made it difficult to concentrate. Spike kept a firm grip on him as they were lead to Xander’s favourite spot in the nest. Several mattress-like pads were laid on the ground and covered in sheets. Candles were lit, making the crystals shimmer and reflect the flame. A slew of items were laid out beside the makeshift bed, but Xander paid no attention to them, all his focus had turned to his lover as he became almost desperate for Spike’s touch.


“You know what to do?” one of the demons asked Angel.

“Yes,” he snapped. “But this is wrong.”

“Too late,” the demon shrugged. “The Elder has decided and it is started. There is no return. The pipe is there and oil for ease.” The demon glanced at Xander and Spike, the two now pressed together on the bed. “Do not hurt the young one. The Elders would be displeased.”

Angel grunted and turned his back on the Vroli. He bit back a moan at the sight his GrandChilde and Xander made, dark and light pressed so closely together. Idly, he noticed the Vroli left, but he could hear the spell for a Consort bond being whispered somewhere. He had hoped they could keep it to a lower bonding but that was not to be. Bowing his head in defeat, he gave in. There was no way to fight it. Vroli magic was strong and it seemed as if all the Elders were working together to create this bond.

He stepped closer to the make-shift bed and gasped as two sets of hands pulled him down. He could feel Xander’s warmth on one side and the familiar cool weight of Spike on the other. The two lovers exchanged a deep kiss over him before turning their focus. Hot lips covered his and Angel gave in to the kiss, letting Xander lead for now. Spike proved that he never forgot any of Angel’s hot spots in the decades they had been apart. At some point they moved, ending with Xander lying beneath the two vampires as they teased and tortured him.

Moving away Angel grabbed the pipe and checked to make sure it was full then lit it. Keeping his gaze on the other two, he took a heavy drag, letting the smoke fill his lungs. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Spike’s, letting the smoke escape into the younger vampire’s mouth. Spike then turned and kissed Xander, breathing the second hand smoke into the human’s mouth. Surprisingly, Xander didn’t choke but inhaled deeply then sat up and gave the smoke back to Angel. Taking the smoke that now tasted of the other two men in, Angel held it for a moment before exhaling, letting it drift up and around them.

As he put the pipe aside, Angel watched greedily as Spike moved between Xander’s thighs, one hand slipping down. The sounds the young man made were driving him crazy and he grabbed the small pot of oil the Vroli had left, handing it to Spike. The blond grinned at him before covering a few fingers in the thick liquid and adding the oil to the flesh he was stretching. There was another quick dip in the oil and Spike coating his erection and moved closer, pressing into Xander’s body. They way they moved together spoke clearly of the love they shared and the last lucid bit of his mind wondered just how close they had already been to a Claiming. The lust spell was raging and with it affecting them, it didn’t take long for the two lovers to come, both moaning each other’s names. When Spike moved away, Angel got into position. He met Xander’s eyes, seeing they were need fogged but there was still something aware in them. Xander reached up and pulled him down, sealing their mouths together in a long kiss. Gasping as cool, slick fingers wrapped around his cock, Angel reared back and stared at Spike. The blond vampire just smiled and then nodded towards Xander. Taking the hint, Angel slotted himself into the vee of Xander’s legs and thrust smoothly inside. The heat of the human body made Angel hiss and he paused as he bottomed out. Wrapping his legs around Angel’s waist, Xander thrust his hips up and Angel began to move.


His blood was on fire, but the cool thrust of Angel in and above him and the cool press of Spike beside him calmed the inferno. He moaned as each drive of Angel’s hips hit that sweet spot, sending him spiralling higher. He could feel the need to come rise up, but something was missing. A series of whimpers broke free and Angel pulled them back until Xander was sitting on his lap. Spike scooted up behind them, bracketing Xander between their bodies. Just before he came both vampires bit, driving sharp teeth into either side of his neck. Xander screamed as the pleasure overloaded and the world went black.


Spike opened his eyes and blinked at the darkness. There was no light at all, nothing to see which was odd considering he could normally see in the dark. Pausing, he catalogued what his other senses were telling him. Somewhere close was Xander, the deep breathing of his sleeping lover calmed him a bit. He shifted a little and froze when he brushed up against a body that definitely wasn’t Xander’s. Inhaling, he scented Angel and nearly jumped. What was his GrandSire doing in bed with him and Xander?

“What do you remember?” came Angel’s deep voice from the dark.

“Taking down the Kithan, bringing them to the Vroli, that Elder talking about debts and paying them,” Spike began. Then it hit him. “We’re bonded!”

He heard Angel sigh. “A Consort bond between Xander and me, and a reaffirmation of the bond already existing between us.”

“Consort?” Spike ground out. “You took Xander as your Consort?”

“It’s not like I planned it,” Angel pointed out. “And you have a Claim on him too. Not quite Consort level, but close.”

“What does that mean?” asked Spike, trying to keep from yelling.

“You’re mine, he’s mine and I’m yours,” Angel stated. “I don’t know how this is going to work with me living in L.A.”

“We’ll figure it out,” Xander said sleepily. He then said something in the Vroli language and a low light began to glow from the crystals in the wall.

“How didya do that, pet?” Spike asked, lifting up enough to look at his Mate.

“They declared me kin,” Xander reminded him. Spike watched as he sat up carefully. “We should get home and make plans.”

“You’re not upset?” Angel asked.

Xander shrugged. “I’m not happy with the Elders but it’s useless to worry over something that’s already done. We’ve got the future to plan for.” He stood. “Besides, some of the other clans might like this better. It gives a stable power base.”

“That’s my Xan,” Spike grinned up at him. “Always thinking tactically.”

“Yeah, well right now I’m thinking I want to eat,” Xander said, dressing quickly. “So let’s head home before the sun rises.”

“Home?” Angel questioned as he got up and dressed.

“My apartment,” Xander reminded him.

“No,” the dark vampire said, shaking his head. “If you’re my Consort you can’t be living in an apartment. I still own the mansion.” He looked a Spike who was pulling his clothes on. “How long would it take you to get everything moved there?”

“I’ll call Clem,” Spike smirked. “About two hours. Probably less.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Xander asked, glaring at them.

“He’s right, pet,” Spike shrugged. “If we’re to be the equivalent of Vampire royalty we’ve got to live like it. Plus, living in the mansion means some of the demons who look really strange will be able to come and plead their cases.”

Xander wilted at that. “Fine, but I’m redecorating.”

“Sure,” Angel agreed, ignoring Spike glare. “We’ll get Buffy’s mom to help and I’ll send Cordy down.”

Xander gaped at him. “That’s mean. Are you sure you aren’t Angelus?”

Angel smiled serenely. “I’m more. No more struggles between my demon and my soul. It’s peaceful.”

Spike stepped close and hugged his GrandSire, happy for the older vampire. He knew how much the constant fight was driving Angel insane and for him to finally have that ended without one side winning was a blessing. “I’m glad.”

“So am I,” Xander said, hugging Angel from the other side. “Come on. We have a lot of work to do.”


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One thought on “The Master – Prologue 3 – Paying the Debt

  1. I feel bad for Spike that Angel’s Consort claim outranks Spike’s Claim on Xander, but I’m glad that Angel acknowledges that Spike’s Claim exists and also that they reaffirmed the bond between the two vampires. I had hoped that the debt would be paid by removing Spike’s chip, but at least we already knew that Spike could bite Xander based on the marks Xander displayed coming out of the bathroom in the previous chapter when Angel, et al, arrived at Xander’s apartment to learn that Angel needed to take his place as Master. Then again, after reading this chapter, I’m not sure Xander is 100% human or if the chip recognizes him as such. Thank you for the lovely bonding scene!

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