MMOM 2016: Day 1

Title: Watching
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings/Characters: Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinksi, unknown MC
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: Voyeurism, non-con (being watched without knowing)
Summary: Peeping Peter
A/N: Stiles is of age and I may  have accidently bunnied myself and their will be more with plot.


There was Mountain Ash lining the window, blocking any supernatural entrance to the room, but Peter didn’t care about that.  He wasn’t actually trying to get into the room.  No, it was much more rewarding to be on the other side of glass and ward, to watch with shining blue eyes.

The inhabitant of the room was oblivious to his watcher.  Lithe figure spread out over the bed.  Pale, mole-dotted skin gleaming in the faint light.  Peter bit back the growl that rose.  Stiles was delicious.  So fragile and breakable, yet so strong and fierce, defiant to the end.  Yet here he wasn’t.  Here he was perfection and long fingered hands traced random patterns over pale flesh.

Peter pressed a hand against the front of his pants, rocking his hardened cock into his palm.  In the dimly lit bedroom, Stiles had moved from random patterns to more purposeful touches; hands lingered on neck, nipple, the crease of thigh.  Biting his lip, Peter rocked harder against his hand, wishing he dared unbutton, dared to wrap his hand around his cock and stroke.  But that was a bit too risky.  No, just this would be enough for now.

A soft whimper sounded and all of Peter’s attention went back to Stiles, who had progressed further, hand encircling hard flesh.  Stiles’ movements were unhurried, his hand slow and steady.  Swallowing past a dry throat, Peter let his hips follow the rhythm Stiles had set, imaging those slim fingers wrapped around him.

It wasn’t long before slow became fast.  Hips and hands moving quickly as pleasure crested.  The choked cry from Stiles was Peter’s undoing, and he came with a hissed curse.  Dragging his hand away from the sensitized flesh beneath wet fabric, Peter back away from the window and the captivating sight on the other side.  He didn’t want to leave, but he couldn’t risk getting caught.

And besides, Stiles was a teenager.  There would definitely be nights like this again.


Glowing red eyes watched as Peter slipped away from the Stilinski house to fade into the shadows.  A low growl built, trickling past clenched teeth.  Anger and jealousy flared in the Alpha.  That was his Mate and no one was going to come between them.

Boredom Strikes Again

So, I’m bored, tired, in a bit of pain since I spent the day cleaning, bored, and exhausted since I spent the day cleaning after having not slept last night.  Sometimes Ash isn’t the brightest star in the galaxy.

I spent last night bouncing between reading @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s ReEntry, Yanagi-wa‘s DiNozzo’s a What?, and playing with Heromachine (look, I made a Photobucket just for pics!).

Meant to go for a walk today, but I got distracted by cleaning, then Mom came home and we did more cleaning.  Yeah, I think I’ll sleep tonight.

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A/N: Seriously short at the mo, but it’s something.


A rumble echoed through the small room, making most of the inhabitants flinch in response. The familiar sounds only made Hannah calm, her body settling into a meditative pose. She knew the rumble, knew the trucks that made the sound. On one level she understood the fear those around her felt whenever the trucks passed by, but she never felt afraid of them.

The trucks were once used for the transportation of large quantities of merchandise; now they were used to transport large quantities of people, hauling them across the continent to Processing Centers. Once those people entered the Centers, they never came out the same. Only those on high knew exactly what occurs in the Centers, the Processed always refused to speak of it, but Hannah had a few ideas, none of them good.

Spring 2015 Rough Trade

The  newest Rough Trade Challenge/Camp will be starting in just a couple of days.  It’s a two part challenge. The first being Historical and the second being Immortal.

I am taking part only in the second challenge.  Sadly, writing anything historical seems to be out of my range right now.  But, I am looking forward to writing the Immortal part.

You can find my Project File here.  It’s based off a series I started working on years ago called Faith’s, which is now and forever in the hiatus section.  However, I do plan on finishing this story.  Really.  I swear.  Stop looking at me like that.

I’ll be posting strictly on RT until the end of the challenge (the second half starts on the 17th of April).  At the end of it, I might start posting it here, or I might wait until I have it finished and beta’d.  It all depends on how I feel.  So, click the RT link to keep up to date on my project.  And while you’re there read the others too.  Just been nice in your comments and follow the rules that Keira has put forth.





Title: Treasures
Fandom: BtVS
Relationship: Spike/Xander
Warnings: Character Death
Rating: G
Summary: Spike fulfills promises he mad


Blue eyes stared down at the package, twisting it around nervously. This was not something he wanted to be doing, but he had been charged with the task and he would carry it through to the end. He always kept his promises. Raising a trembling hand, he knocked sharply on the door and prayed to forsaken gods for courage.

“Spike?” He looked up to meet red-rimmed green eyes. “Why are you here?”

“Can I come in?” Spike asked quietly, needed to do this final task in private. Willow stepped back, letting him slide past. He shuddered as her wards slid across his skin, prickling his demon into the fore. Shaking his head he returned to his human guise and waited for the redhead to rejoin him.

“Would you like anything to drink?’ Willow asked.

“No, I just came to do something,” he answered. “A final request of sorts.”

Tears welled up in the witch’s eyes at the reminder and Spike found himself feeling like a heel. He didn’t want to do this. It hurt each time, like a sliver of sunlight scoring his flesh, burning the finality and reality into his skin. Putting the package on a table, he pulled the sobbing woman into his arms. Each tear that hit his skin scalded and he felt his own grief rise up to overwhelming proportions. Ruthlessly he pushed his own sorrow down and focused his attention of Willow, letting her lean her slight weight against his strength.

“Sorry,” she whispered when she finally stopped crying. “Didn’t mean to break down like that.”

“S’okay, luv, you have every right too,” Spike soothed, running gentle hands down her back.

“So, what did you bring me,” she asked brightly, pulling away.

“Pressies, of course,” Spike smiled, reaching for the package. “He spent a lot of time on these, asked me to give you yours last.”

“Why last?” Willow asked. She took the present from Spike’s hands, turning it around in her own, trying to determine what lay inside.

“Don’t know, I was suppose to open mine first and deliver yours last,” he shrugged. “Go on, open it.”

With careful fingers she removed the wrapping paper to reveal a plain cardboard box. A quick glance at Spike found him staring at her intently, waiting. She opened the box and pulled a wooden bowl from it. The bowl was plain wood, unvarnished with a strange grey sheen on the outside. Confused, she turned to Spike for an explanation.

“‘S crabapple wood. All the gifts are. Told me when he got the wood it’s ’cause it’s the perfect metaphor for life.” At her bewildered look he continued. “Ever see a crabapple tree bloom. ‘S beautiful. All pinks, whites and reds. But the fruit is bitter, almost nasty. Just like life.”

Willow nodded her understanding. Xander would have seen life like that, good and bad together.
“What’s the grey stuff on the bottom?”

“Xander,” came the soft reply. “He wanted a way to be with everyone always, so he was cremated and his ashes incorporated into each gift.”


“On your bowl, it’s the bottom. Buffy and Faith both got a cross and stake set, with his ashes inside the stakes. Made them promise not to lose them. Giles received a traditional Japanese puzzle box, the inlay on it glued with a special resin made with the ashes. Dawn got a necklace, each bead coated,” he told her.

“And you?” Willow asked.

Spike pulled on the chain around his neck, bringing his pendant into view. It was a wood heart with a glass center. The glass shimmered grey for a moment and Willow smiled sadly.

“Said I was his heart and he was mine. This way I can keep the two together even though he’s gone.” There were tears in the blonde’s eyes.

“Spike?” She moved closer to him. “You’re not going to do anything stupid are you? We can’t lose you too!”

“You’re stuck with me for a while more, Red,” Spike laughed through his tears. “Made my boy a promise. Wouldn’t follow just yet. Gonna help you white hats fight for a while more.”


“He said I’d know when the time was right. I trust my boy, I’ll know when it’s time to go,” he assured her.

They sat there in silence, each thinking about the man they had loved and lost before Willow spoke again.

“Why didn’t you turn him?” There was no accusation in her voice, only curiosity.

“He asked me not to. Said he’d had his time,” Spike stopped for a moment, turning blue eyes on his friend. “I wanted to, didn’t want to watch him waste away like that. Didn’t want to watch as the cancer ate him alive. But I always keep my promises, and as much as it hurts, I had to let him go.”

“I understand,” she whispered softly. “Don’t worry, you two belong together. Not even the Powers That Be can keep you apart.”




Title: Cleaning
Fandom: BtVS
Relationship: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander does some cleaning.  Seriously people,this is just porn for the sake of porn.


He pulled the box from beneath the bed and lifted it up with reverent hands. Carefully, he placed it on the bedspread, lifting the lid with a soft creak. It was his turn to do the cleaning, and while at first he had been disgusted at the job, it was now one he treasured and looked forward to. Each swipe of the cloth, sliding the fabric into every crevice, always brought back the events that led to the need for cleaning.

Smiling he reached for the spray and the first one, liberally coating the silicone with the cleaner. The small toy wasn’t one they used often, and probably didn’t need to be cleaned, but he was always thorough when he cleaned. Setting aside, he reached for the next one, shivering at the weight of it filling his hands. It wasn’t the largest of their collection by far, but it was one of Xander’s favourites. He loved the feel of it, almost life-like in texture and size. It was the first toy they had bought together and he could still remember the heat of his face as his lover waggled it at him in the porn shop.

“How about this one, pet?” Spike leered, brushing the toy across Xander’s cheek.

The younger man blushed and shook his head, looking everywhere but at the toy in his lover’s hand. “Isn’t it kind of big?” he whispered hesitantly.

“Not big, pet,” Spike whispered back, seductively. “It’s a little smaller than me. And it does this.”

The vibrations made Xander jump, eyes wide as he stared at the shaking toy. He swallowed and met brilliant blue eyes, hardening as he saw the lust, desire and sheer mischievousness in them. “Okay,” he finally managed to squeak. He was rewarded with a blinding grin and fast kiss.

“You won’t regret this, luv,” Spike promised.

Shrugging off the memories the toy aroused, he quickly went back to cleaning, spraying down each toy before setting it on the towel he had laid out. Once they were all coated with the special cleaner, he looked them over, checking for weak spots and breaks. Satisfied that they were all whole and sound, he reached for the bowl of water he had brought with him and the cloth. He wiped the cleaner off each toy and placed it back into the box until he came to the prize of their little collection. It was the largest, his fingers just managing to touch around the girth and it was long. Making sure that it was clean of the special soap, he placed in on the bed next to the pillows and closed the toy box. He put the box back in it’s place and carried the towel, cloth and bowl into the bathroom

Once the room was again tidied up, he stopped beside the bed and gazed down at the lovely toy. Quickly he stripped down, pausing to brush his fingers over his nipples, stomach and the thatch of hair between his thighs. Nearly vibrating with need, he stopped to reach for the lube they kept beside the bed and climbed on top of the covers. One hand reached out and pulled the toy closer, while the other popped the top on the lube. Coating his hand, he reached down and starting to stretch himself, painting his hole with the slick substance. Once he managed to fit three fingers, he removed his hand and slicked up the toy.

Dragging the large dildo down his body, he shook as he imagined the feeling of Spike doing this, being the one to tease him. When the toy finally rested against his hole, he began to push it in, groaning at the slight burning sensation. The burn grew until he had to pause, letting his body adjust. Finally his body relaxed enough to slid it in the rest of the way, and he moaned deep in his throat at the full feeling. Carefully, he flicked the little switch at the bottom that turned it on, nearly screaming at the vibrations it sent through his body. Constant sounds fell from his lips as he began to rock the toy in and out of his body, brushing his prostate on nearly every stroke. Soon he was thrusting it in hard, his hips lifting into every movement. He continued to fuck himself with the toy, time lost as the pleasure surged over him again and again. Finally he came with a loud scream, his body tensing for a moment before sagging limply on the bed. His hand shaking, he flicked the toy off, sighing as the vibrations stopped sending shocks through is sensitive flesh.

“That was just lovely, pet.” His eyes flew open and he looked at Spike lounging in the doorway, a smirk on the blonde’s face. The vampire sauntered over, stopping beside Xander to run a hand down the young man’s body. “Now it’s my turn.” Xander gasped as Spike flicked the toy back on and thrust it deep, an evil grin on the blonde’s face.



Of Shadows and Silence – Chapters 6-10

Chapter Six: Silence in All Things
Summary: Someone gets trapped in memories and another someone gets what they deserve
Rating: R, possibly NC-17


Spike jerked the steering wheel, sending the car screeching around the corner. Beside him Druscilla sat stiller than a statue, her normally mercurial nature calmed and focused on one point: getting Xander back. The death and destruction they had caused in the hotel did little to satisfy their rage and Spike had a feeling only dusting Angel would. He slammed the car to a stop when they reached Angel’s office and looked over at Dru.

“Daddy mustn’t drift away tonight,” she said solemnly, turning dark eyes on him. “He still has games to play, but we can play our own if we’re careful.” Her face shifted into its demonic form as she slipped out of the car.

Spike followed her up the sidewalk, almost calmed by the thread of growls falling from her lips. He watched with a smirk as she forced the door open, startling the brooding vampire on the other side. He moved toward Angel, ignoring Dru as she blocked the room’s other occupant.

“Where did you send the boy?” he yelled, grabbing the larger man by the throat and throwing him into the wall.

“What does it matter?” Angel snarled, coming to his feet in a fighting stance. “I saved that boy from you, he was terrified.”

Spike growled and attacked, letting his fury and worry rain down upon Angel. His movements were quick and fierce, leaving no room for the other man to retaliate. “Where did you send him?” he asked again as he beat the other man down to the floor. Angel glared up at him, gasping a little in pain. “Where is he?”

Dru lifted her head, her burning into her sire. “Darkness,” she hissed. “Our Kitten is back in the darkness.”

“What”? Spike asked, his voice deathly quiet. He gave his lover a searching look before glaring back down at his victim. “What did you do?”

One fist lashed out when Angel shook his head, refusing to answer, and nearly shattered the older vampire’s jaw. Dark eyes stared at him defiantly and two fists hit the dark vampire. Spike kept hitting until finally Angel was limp below him.

“Back to the hospital,” Angel finally spat out. “The one you kidnapped him from. It’s where he belongs.”

“No it ain’t,” snapped Spike. “Now we’ve got to get him out of there again.”

“Leave the boy alone, Spike,” the older vampire told him. “He doesn’t need you messing up his life.”

“You know nothing, Angelus,” Spike said softly. “Nothing about me and definitely nothing about Xander. And if he’s hurt, I will make you suffer.”

A choked cry had both of them turning to look at Dru who was seated on the floor with the other guy’s head in her lap. “The stars talk to him too, Spikey. But they’re not nice about it.” She stroked her hand over his hair.

“Doyle?” Angel called softly as he moved away from Spike and over to the duo. “Are you okay? What did you see?”

“You, Angel, are a moron,” Doyle muttered. “You really messed up this time.”

“What did I do?”

“That boy, he’s a free player and you just sent him back to a place where he’ll either turn or die.”

**** **** **** **** ****

The straps on the bed were done up too tight and he could feel the loss of circulation in his hands and feet. Opening his mouth, Xander tried to scream, but again nothing came out but a soft wheezing noise. He slumped back on the bed and let the tears come. He had thought he was safe, that nothing would be able to get him but he was wrong. There was no where safe.

“Ah, Xander, such a naughty boy,” a familiar voice said from the door. Xander turned his head to watch as Trent came into the room, followed by a beautiful woman with long red hair. “I think we’re gonna have to change your treatment, make sure you don’t run away again.”

The woman moved closer and Xander noticed the needle in her hand. He tried to struggle, but the too-tight straps held him firm and he flinched as the needle sank into his arm. He looked up at the woman, hoping to earn some pity from her but stopped in shock. Her eyes were a yellow-green and had vertical pupils, like a cat or reptile. When she moved back he noticed her lowered half was snake like and covered in small scales. He tried to scream and struggle again but it was useless and he could feel whatever they had given him drag him down into unconsciousness.

**** **** **** **** ****

He watched as Jesse walked off and then turned to head down the shortcut home. It was still light enough that he didn’t have to worry, but he didn’t dawdle in the alleys. He was almost to his own street when something large and dark stepped out of the shadows, looming over him. A scream ripped its way from his throat as the creature reached for him. Scrambling back, he looked around for an escape and darted through the opening when he saw it. He ran as fast as he could, legs burning and breath wheezing. Up the stairs and into the house, slamming and locking the door behind him. Frantic, he turned to his parents, trying to make them understand what he had seen. He didn’t notice the rare sobriety or the look they exchanged over his head.

**** **** **** **** ****

“The kid’s from Sunnydale,” Doyle told them. “He was suppose to help the Slayer but something happened and changed everything.”

“Monsters come and monsters go, monster stepped from the shadow,” Druscilla sang.

“Yeah, well that changed the course of his life,” the seer shrugged. “Now, the other side has access to him and if they can’t get him to join them, they’ll kill him.”

“From what I could tell, they’d do both anyway,” Spike snorted. “Boy’s being tortured in there and the over-gelled idiot sent him right back to his tormentors.”

“I thought I was doing the right thing,” Angel protested.

“You didn’t think, you just acted because it was me and Dru,” Spike said quietly. “You better hope that he’s okay and that pillock hasn’t gotten a hold of him again.”

**** **** **** **** ****

A noise woke him and he looked around the dark room. There was nothing there, but he could still hear something moving. He opened his mouth to call out but something soft drifted across his lips.

“Sh, sh, no need to fret,” someone whispered quietly. “I’m doing this to protect you.”

He tried to scream as pain raced through his throat but only a whisper of air emerged. Blinking tear-filled eyes, he looked up at the figure leaning over him.

“Don’t worry, soon your Prince will come.”



Chapter Seven: Wispy Shadows
Summary: Plans are made
Rating: R


The door opened with a sharp bang, startling him awake. Confused he looked up to see him in the doorway, a leer on his face. He had only been there for two weeks, yet every night he appeared to torment. No matter how much he cried, he wouldn’t stop and sometimes the tears only made him want it more.

**** **** **** **** ****

The room was cold. That was the first thing he noticed when he woke. Despite the blanket thrown over his body, the chill of the air still prickled his skin. He dragged heavy lids open, glancing around the room through blurry eyes. Sighing silently, he recognized the solitary room, meant for unruly or dangerous patients. A quick tug of one wrist confirmed his fear that he was still restrained; there was no hope of escape that way. He closed his eyes and journeyed deep into his mind, letting the past week of freedom enfold him.

“Now, now, no sleeping when we’re just starting to play,” Trent’s chastising tone threatened to bring Xander out of his daydreams. “Wake up Harris, don’t make me punish you.”

Xander retreated further into his mind, fondly remembering being curled up with Dru on a couch, watching some old black and white movie. He did his best to ignore the bolts of pain radiating up from his fingers as Trent snapped them one after another. A small wince broke free but he stuffed down all other reactions. Xander refused to give Trent the satisfaction.

“Why do you make me hurt you?” Trent leaned down to whisper. “We could be such good friends. All you have to do is say yes to whatever I ask.”

The image of Dru and Spike started to fade from his mind as more pain flowed through his body. Trent had moved on, leaving his fingers a ruined mess. Now he randomly hit tender areas, each sharp jab making Xander want to cry.

“Just say yes.”

**** **** **** **** ****

Three sets of eyes watched the blonde pace the length room. No one spoke as Spike walked to and fro, his mind on the problem. “How are we going to get Xander out?”

“How did you do it last time?” Angel asked snidely.

“I walked in,” replied Spike dryly. “But I doubt it’ll be that easy this time. They’ve probably beefed up security, especially if they want the boy that badly.”

“He’s right,” Doyle agreed. “It’s not gonna be easy getting him out of there and we can’t do it without help”

“Help?” Spike turned to look at the seer.

“Yeah,” Doyle ran a hand through his hair. “I might know someone who could help us.”

Spike stared at him for a moment before giving a sharp nod. “Good.”

“Gotta warn you though,” the seer said, “it’ll come at a price.”

“For him, I’d pay anything.”

**** **** **** **** ****

“Come on, Harris, why can’t you just say it?” Trent cajoled.

Xander ignored the words as another wave of agony raced over his body. He could feel the tears soaking his hair and at some point he had bitten through his bottom lip. He wasn’t sure what Trent was using on him now, but the pain was almost more than he could stand.

“Just say it!”

Part of him wanted to say yes, wanted the pain to stop and was willing to do anything for it, but the rest of him knew something bad would happen if he gave in. Instead he shook his head continuously, refusing to bend to the other man’s will.

“Well, if you won’t say yes, I’ll just have to play a little longer,” a strange little smile appeared on the man’s lips. “Just until my employer gets here.” His hands went to his belt, deftly opening it and his pants before yanking Xander’s down as well. “Gotta get something out of this.”

Xander squeezed his eyes shut as the familiar pain washed through him. This he could deal with. This he could ignore.

**** **** **** **** ****

“Where exactly are we going?” Spike asked as he followed Doyle down the dark streets.

“Chinatown,” came the faint reply.

“Gonna see some old mystic?” he muttered sarcastically.

“Something like that,” Doyle said coming to a stop. He looked at Spike, seeming to weigh his worth. “There’s a conclave of higher level demons happening this weekend, I know some who will be there.”

“And they’ll help?” snorted Spike. “It’s doubtful.”

“They will for the right price,” he said, walking again.

He halted at an unmarked door, knocking briskly. The door opened with a grating sound and Doyle slipped in the small sliver of space, beckoning Spike to follow him. The vampire stepped inside, glad that his demon allowed him to see in the dark. The room they were in was tiny, barely enough space for both of them to stand together.

“Halfling, why are you here?” a rumbling voice echoed through the room.

“To ask a boon of you,” Doyle answered respectfully.

“What do you ask of us?”

“There’s a boy in one of the local hospitals. We need help breaking him out.”

“And why should we aid you?” another voice asked from the darkness.

“Because neither side is playing fair,” the seer stated. “The boy’s a free player but he’s not allowed to make a free choice.”


“He’s from the Hellmouth, Elders. He was suppose to aid the last Slayer, he would have prevented her death and the Master’s release.” The derision in Doyle’s voice was apparent when he spoke of the Master of Sunnydale.

“He is a lynchpin?” The voice was soft, but something about it sent shivers of fear up Spike’s spine. He began to wonder just what was in the room with them.

“Yes, Elder.”

“Which side has him now?” the rumbling voice asked.

“The other side. Wolfram and Hart have employees that work in the hospital,” Doyle answered.

“And what is your companion’s part in this?”

“He claims the boy as his, to remain neutral until the boy makes an informed choice.”

“Is this true, vampire?” the soft voice asked.

“Yes,” he answered simply. He could work with that.

“Then we will help. Expect a representative to appear within the hour,” the rumbling voice told them. “He will extract the payment.”

There was a flash of light and they were out in the street once again. Spike glanced over at Doyle who was looking a little pale.

“That was hard,” the seer admitted.

“What was?” Spike asked, confused.

“They were testing me in there,” Doyle sighed. “Be thankful they didn’t test you too.”

“Whatever,” Spike shrugged. “When’s this person gonna show up?”

“Now,” someone said from behind him.

Spike whirled around to see a tall man standing there. His face was covered by a multicoloured mask, hints of green flashing from beneath it. He was thin, with long dark hair and something about him screamed powerful at Spike.

“Thank you for helping us,” Doyle greeted. “What would the Elders like in payment?”

“A drop of blood, a lock of hair and a kiss,” the man laughed.

Doyle paled further and moved back. Spike turned to face him. “What’s so bad about that?” he asked.

“It’s the basis for a binding spell,” the small man gasped.

Spike looked back at their helper. “Binding for whom?”

“For the one who made the plea. The seer to the champion, life to life and grave to dust.”

“Mate, you’re making less sense than Dru.” He glanced back over at Doyle. “What’s he mean?”

“Me and Angel,” Doyle said slowly. “For eternity, or until one of us dies.”

“Thought I was going to be paying the price,” Spike looked at Doyle, confused now.

“Things aren’t always what they seem,” the man laughed again.

“Just who are you, mate,” the vampire snarled.

“I’m sorry, I forgot my manners.” The man made an elaborate bow. “My name is Robin. Robin Goodfellow.”


Chapter Eight: Forgotten Silence
Summary: More torture and a clash of personalities
Rating: R
A/N: This chapter will contain POV’s other than Spike or Xander’s


Angel watched as Doyle and Spike walked back into the room followed by a tall, thin man. Spike had a puzzled look on his face and Doyle was pale and shaking. Neither of them spoke as the seer headed for Angel’s liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink.

“What did they say?” the dark haired vampire asked after a few minutes of silence.

“They said that they’d help,” Doyle said as he downed the glass of scotch.

“Sent Robin here to help,” the blonde gestured over his shoulder.

“Robin -?” Angel asked, waiting to be introduced.

“Robin Goodfellow,” the man said with a courtly bow. “At your service, for a price.”


“Yep,” laughed Doyle humourlessly. “There’s always a price.”

Angel looked over at his friend, noticing the shaking hands and still too pale cheeks. The younger man looked as if he was going to faint at any moment. “What’s the price?”

“A drop of blood, a lock of hair and a kiss,” he recited.

The vampire felt his knees give way and Druscilla laughed as she came from the other room. She bobbed a curtsey at Robin before twirling around the others, still laughing delightedly.

“We’re having a wedding,” she giggled.

“Who?” Angel managed to gasp out.

“Us,” the Irish man replied softly, staring hard into the vampire’s eyes. “The seer to the champion.”

The insane vampire continued to dance around the room, humming the wedding march softly. “I’m getting a new stepdaddy.”

**** **** **** **** ****


Trent stared down at the bruised and bloodied body on the bed. Hours of his most creative torture and the kid still had yet to break. Anger at the boy’s resilience almost overwhelmed his pleasure at being able to use his skills but he pushed it aside and went back to work. His knife sharp, he carefully carved flesh from the boy’s side, smiling as his mouth opened in silent screams.

“All you have to do is say yes,” he murmured, trailing a finger through the flowing blood. “Just say yes and the pain will end.”

Harris shook his head and fixed his gaze on the ceiling. Snarling with the beginnings of frustration, Trent sank his knife a little deeper into the boy’s side.

“I read your horoscope this morning,” he said conversationally, ignoring the boy’s incredulous look. “It said you would have to deal with some pain today. But I don’t think this is quite what they had in mind.”

He looked up from his work as a tingle of magic filled the room. When he looked back down he noticed that the wounds he had inflicted were healed. He was beginning to hate that little feature of the room. Only so much damage could be done before they were healed. But on the bright side, it just meant he got to play more.

**** **** **** **** ****

The new man made the stars laugh and sing loudly in her head. They were so loud she couldn’t even hear Miss Edith over them. But she could still hear her Kitten. His screams echoed so much, coming again and again to fill her mind. She wanted to scream back and to find and save him, but she couldn’t alone. Maybe the new man could help her.

“Do the stars sing for you too?” Druscilla asked, stopping in front of Robin.

“Sometimes,” he admitted. “Do they sing often for you, little one?”

“Always, like little birds in trees,” she whispered. “Sometimes they bring other songs.”

He stared intently at her. “Other songs?”

“Yes, sometimes pretty song that make me dance,” she laughed before her face turned somber. “But sometimes the songs aren’t so nice.”

“And what not nice songs do they bring?”

“My Kitten, screaming in pain,” her voice was soft. “I don’t like those songs, they’re not nice.”

“And what are you going to do about it?” he asked.

“Punish the stars of course,” Dru said seriously. “And the kill those who hurt my Kitten.”

“I’ll help you, little one,” Robin promised. “We’ll make them scream.”



Chapter Nine: Walking Silence
Summary: Plans are made and set in motion
Rating: PG – R at most
Warnings: More torture of Xander (subtle this time)


Growling slightly, the blonde refused to look at anyone else. Anger and fear churned within him, making him flash in and out of his demon face. He hated having to wait. Patience was far from his strong point, and knowing that Xander was in danger while they sat around was driving him insane. Pacing across the room, Spike shot glares at Angel, Robin and Doyle as they worked out a plan to get into the hospital. He listened as they detailed each person’s responsibility and tried not to laugh as he imagined all the things that could go wrong.

“Do you understand what you have to do?” Angel asked with a sharp glance at Spike.

“Yeah, yeah, got it all memorized,” he snapped back. “Can we go now?”

The three looked at each other and nodded, separating to grab weapons and such before heading toward the door. Dru stepped forward from the shadows she had been hiding in.

“Step lightly on the toadstools,” she murmured. “Don’t wake the dragons and the Kitten come for the cream. And then we will set the forest on fire.” She spun and disappeared back into one of the rooms, setting up food and bandages.

Robin laughed delightfully and Spike snarled at him. “Don’t get any thoughts.” Robin only shook his head and followed the Champion and the Seer out the door.

**** **** **** **** ****

The distinct lack of pain was what brought Xander back to awareness. He tried to move an arm but found he was still tied down, but the lack of pain was welcome anyway. Turning his head to the side, he noticed he was in a different room; this one looked like an office, filled with bookshelves and a heavy desk. Behind the desk sat a pretty blond woman, her head bent over a folder on the desk. He must have made a noise, because her head came up and a feeling of dread filled him as he met her eyes. Something about her screamed wrong and Xander struggled against his bounds.

“Now, now Xander,” she chided. “Is that anyway to react to a guest?”

Xander stared at her with a mixture of horror and confusion. He didn’t understand what she was talking about and he had a feeling that in the long run it didn’t matter. This woman was dangerous and he was alone with her.

“How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself,” she laughed. “My name is Lilah Morgan. I work for Wolfram and Hart.”

He blinked. He still had no clue what she was talking about.

“It’s okay if you don’t know who we are, that doesn’t really matter,” Lilah said, standing up from the desk. “What we need you to do is what really matters.” She moved around the desk and perched on a corner of it. “I understand that Trent has been trying to get you to join us. Just like a man, he forgot to explain why we need you.”

A hand reached out to touch him and he flinched back, heart racing when he could barely move. He desperately wanted to get away from her, but his bonds held him tight and he could only shudder as her soft hand stroked over his face and down his neck.

“You have some very special gifts,” she murmured. “And we’ll be willing to give you anything if you would share them with us.”

He shook his head and turned his gaze to the ceiling, hoping if he ignored her she would go away.

“You can be like Aladdin finding the genie, but you won’t be limited to three wishes. Anything in the world, anyone in the world.”

He shook his head again and shut his eyes tightly. Whatever they wanted him for could not be good if they used torture to get him to agree. He wouldn’t give in, not for anything. Not even for Spike and Dru.

“Fine,” Lilah sighed, pushing off the desk. “Play it your way then. I’ll just have to let Trent convince you.”

**** **** **** **** ****

“So, you really gonna make them marry?” Spike asked the tall man walking beside him. “Or is this another one of Puck’s jokes?”

“They will marry,” Robin laughed. “That price has nothing to do with me. The Council decided it. They felt that the Champion was too unstable without a shackle around his ankle.”

Spike laughed at that image. “Then what’s your part?”

“And what makes you think I have a part?”

The blonde looked up at him for a moment before turning his eyes back to the street. “Once, a while back, Dru dragged me to a concert in the park. Spent the night snacking on drugged out fans and listening to the Grateful Dead. As we were leaving I noticed a flyer to A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream. Came back the next night to watch it. Always loved that play, loved the sheer mischief that Puck got into.”

“You can’t always believe what you read, or see and hear,” Robin said softly. “We can sometimes be like the legends and myths, after all they are based somewhat in truth. But we are much more. I can be serious if the situation calls for it.”

“And does this one?” Spike asked just as softly.



“I don’t know. Something about the boy caught the attention of the Elders. They make the rules and where they point, I go,” the taller man told him. “With both sides interested in the boy, he must be something very special.”

“He is,” Spike agreed. “He’s mine.”



Chapter Ten: Wicked Silence
Summary: The rescue party arrives
Rating: Rish I guess
Warnings: More Xander torture, violence and more violence


Trent was bent over him again, some strange device that sent shockwaves of pain through his body in the man’s hand. Xander could almost taste how much Trent was enjoying his victim’s pain and it made him sick. He sobbed silently as the pain began to overwhelm him and then like a flick of a light switch it stopped, leaving only an echo remaining to remind him.

“Hmm, I think time’s almost up,” Trent said as he straightened up. “Seems our playtime is going to have to wait a while.”

Xander shuddered in fear of what the next day would bring. He wondered if it would all be spent at Trent’s mercy, or would he be subjected to Lilah again? He really didn’t want to be in the same room with that woman again, he would rather deal with Trent and the pain than the slimy feeling she left on him.

“See you tomorrow.” Trent bent down and placed a mockingly tender kiss on Xander’s lips before sauntering out the door. Xander listened to him hum tunelessly as he left, missing Dru’s absent-minded humming. He really wanted out, in any way that he could.

The door opened and the strange snake-like woman came in again, pulling a laden IV pole behind her. He blinked the tears out of his eyes as the realization of his situation truly hit him. If they were willing to feed him, albeit intravenously, then they more than likely planned to keep him alive for a while. Which meant more torture by both Trent and Lilah was in his future.

**** **** **** **** ****

The building loomed in front of them, dark and dreary. Spike pulled his duster tighter as a chill seemed to set into his bones. He really didn’t want to think about Xander alone in that building, left in the hands of the obviously sadistic staff. He glanced at the souled vampire and received a nod, before the dark haired man strode purposely up the stairs. Doyle followed behind, shoulders bent and hands full of papers as he played his part. Spike slipped into the shadows, using them like he had before to move virtually undetected through the building. His eyes widened when he looked back at Robin. The tall, thin man had flowed into the shadows, becoming part of the dark and seemed to ooze along the walls and the floors. Shaking his head, Spike moved along, using his advanced senses to track the boy he had come to care for. Despite the serious nature of their task, Spike managed to feel like a unlikely hero on a quest.

In the distance, he could hear Angel berating the receptionist over some imagined slight. The noise and spectacle enough of a distraction to let him cross a shadow-thin area without being noticed. He followed the scent of tears, blood and pain, all Xander’s to an elevator and snarled at the machine when he saw the card slot. Briefly he considered jumping some random staff member, but that wouldn’t guarantee that he would get the right card.

Robin reformed from the shadows to stand beside him. The taller man looked critically at the device before smirking and sliding one green-tinged finger over the reader. There was a muted ping and the doors slid open, allowing the two to slip inside.

“Which floor?” Robin asked, his hand hovering over the buttons.

“Not sure,” admitted Spike. “Stop it when I tell you.”

The other man nodded and the elevator moved downward, eerily silent. Spike kept all his senses open and finally motioned to Robin when the scent of Xander’s blood grew stronger. “Next floor.”

The elevator slowed to a stop and the doors opened to a sterile, white hallway. Spike was almost overwhelmed by the scent, taste and sound of Xander. His boy was definitely on this floor.

“There’s only three beings on this floor,” Robin murmured quietly. “Two human, one other. One of the humans is immobile.”

“Xander,” Spike breathed.

“More than likely.”

“Ready?” Blue eyes met rich green before both turned their attention to the hall. They moved quickly, heading for the room that housed the boy. As they neared it, a figure came barrelling out of one of the other rooms.

“Lamia,” Robin spat in disgust. He stood tall and stared down at the creature. “Do you really think you can stand against me?”

The half-woman scrambled backwards, taking in the sight of an ancient one and the vampire sporting his demonic guise. There was no way to win. She bowed before the ancient one, baring her neck and waited for the killing blow.

“As fitting to your crimes,” Robin began. He place a hand on her head. “You shall know the pain you’ve dealt.”

The lamia screamed as agony raced through her and Robin stepped over her twitching body. “Get the boy,” he ordered Spike. “I’ll deal with the other human.”

Spike nodded and hurried into Xander’s room, growling at the sight of his boy bound to the bed. Carefully he pulled the IV out and quickly undid all the straps. Xander remained unconscious through all of it, even when a new series of screams echoed down the corridor. Spike carefully gathered the boy in his arms and headed out, meeting a blood splattered Robin in the hall.

“I promised your lady that blood would flow this night,” Robin explained.

“What about the other one?”

“The other one?”

“Yeah, the bloke who tortured him. I don’t smell him anywhere on this floor,” the blonde growled. “But I could tell he had been there.”

“Hmm, he will have to wait until we get the boy to safety,” Robin told him. “I took the human woman’s memories, I’m sure we can find him wherever he may try to hide.”

The two shared a feral grin as they headed back to the elevator. They met Doyle when they reached the main floor, the seer waiting impatiently for them.

“Where’s Angel?” Spike asked.

“Headed back out, he’s supposed to be getting some more papers,” the seer shrugged. “I think he’s really getting the car.”

“Good,” Robin smiled. “Spike, take the boy outside and wait, there’s something I need to do before we leave.”

Spike wanted to ignore the order, but the precious burden in his arms decided the debate for him. Shooting the green man a suspicious look, he led Doyle out into the parking lot. Once outside a question began to form in his mind. How had they managed to get out without being noticed?

“Shift change,” Doyle said from beside him. Spike glanced at the smaller man. “Perfect timing. People don’t always pay attention to what’s going on during shift change.”

Before Spike could formulate an answer, Robin strolled out of the building, a smug smile on his lips.

“What did you do?” he asked. The green man grinned and pressed a finger to his lips, his head cocked to the side. A low rumbling started, the ground shaking beneath their feet and they all watched as the building slowly crumbled. “How?”

“What about the other patients?” Doyle asked, always a good guy.

“How? I am part of nature. The patients? Any that did not harbour needless and unwarranted malicious feelings were transported to a new area, one that would help them. Very few of the staff were innocent. Most tortured the patients physically, mentally and sexually. A few of the patients were criminally insane. Those suffered the same fate as the ones who took the boy. The rest will go on with their lives,” Robin explained. He turned to Spike. “I could not find him in the building, but I do have the memory of his address.”

Spike grinned in thanks. His boy would have his revenge.

**** **** **** **** ****

Xander struggled to stay asleep as the world began to intrude on his peaceful dreams. He had begun to realize that there was a thin line between sleep and death and it would be so very easy to slip over that line. Giving in to the inevitable, he slowly opened his eyes and nearly jumped. Dru leaned over him, brushing one hand over his face.

“Wake up Kitten,” she sang softly. “The stars won’t sing until you wake up.”

He blinked at her before slowly turning his head to look around the room. Spike was sprawled in the chair beside the bed, blue eyes staring at him intently. Xander tried to smile, but he knew it didn’t work by the furious look on the blonde’s face. Glancing over he noticed a tall man with a mask covering most of his face. He noticed the man’s skin was almost green coloured, but he filed that oddity away for another time. Turning his head more he saw two more people in the room. When his eyes fell on the taller of the two, he began to panic, memories of being taken from the hotel and given back to them fresh in his mind.

“Shh, pet,” Spike whispered, moving out of his seat to sit on the bed. “Angel’s sorry about what happened. The wanker thought he was doing something good.”

Xander moved closer to the blond vampire, hiding his face in his friend’s shirt. He didn’t care that Angel had thought he was doing good, he’d still given him over to them, to pain and fear.

“Perhaps we should leave.” The new voice had Xander raising his head. He looked over at the small man standing beside Angel, his eyes full of compassion. “We’re hurting him by being here.”

The simple words of kindness shook Xander and he turned beseeching eyes on Dru as he shook his head.

“Can’t play games if you leave,” Dru chided as she walked over to them. She pushed the small man down into a seat. “Kitten’s want milk and toys and friends to share them with.”

The two turned confused eyes to Spike. “For some reason he wants you to stay,” he clarified. Xander nodded his agreement and snuggled further into Spike’s body, letting the scent and feel of his friend ease some of the memories of Trent from his mind.

“Besides,” the tall man spoke up from his corner. “There’s still the matter of the price.”


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Of Shadows and Silence – Chapters 1-5

Chapter One: Singing Silence
Summary: Old Situations and new acquaintances
Rating: PG

Time has a way of dulling memories, leaving them faded imaged of what has been. Faces become blurred, touches become ghostly caresses and scents turn to elusive traces on distant breezes.

**** **** **** **** ****

Xander turned over to look out the barred window of his cell. It had been nearly four years since his parents had him committed and now he could barely remember the life he’d had before these walls. He had been barely thirteen when he saw IT, and in his panic he had run home to his parents, babbling about IT. For once his parents had listened to him, but they didn’t believe his rambled story and, concerned, they took him to see a psychiatrist, who after a few sessions deemed him unstable and a danger to himself and others. That landed him here, in a psych ward in Los Angeles.

“Harris,” a voice called snidely from the doorway. “Time for walkies.”

With a sigh of resignation, Xander rolled off the bed and walked over to where the orderly waited for him. Trent had become one of Xander’s least favourite people within days of the man joining the hospital’s staff. He was cruel and rude, often treating the patients like children or animals and Xander had become his favourite victim. The added fact that Xander never spoke made the orderly gleeful and brutal in his treatment of the younger man since Xander would never report the abuse. Eyes downcast, Xander followed Trent through the hallways and away from the relative safety of his room.

“We got a newbie here today,” Trent stated as they moved along. “Pretty little bitch, just like you.”

Xander did his best to ignore him as he followed with feigned complacency. He didn’t really care about new patients, he never managed to get along with any of them and preferred to be by himself anyway

“Here we are,” said the orderly, pushing open the doors to the rec room. “Have fun and play nice with others and you just might get a treat later.”

Carefully hiding the shudder of revulsion, he waited until Trent had closed and locked the doors before lifting his eyes to glance around the room. He noticed the new patient right away, and Trent had been right about one thing, she was pretty. She was slender with long dark hair and dark eyes. Even in the pale orange of the hospital clothes, she was beautiful. Glancing around, Xander noticed that all the others were avoiding her, leaving her to sit alone in a corner talking quietly to herself. He moved to his normal spot and curled up on the beanbag chair, watching the woman and wondering exactly what about her scared the other patients so much that they wouldn’t be near her.

**** **** **** **** ****

Soft scuffling noises woke Xander from his sleep. Opening his eyes he searched the room, cursing the wan moonlight that was the only source of illumination. He tried not to flinch when he noticed the figure standing at the foot of his bed casting a faint shadow. When his blanket was pulled off he turned his head to the side and closed his eyes, doing his best to block out what was coming next. Forcing his mind back, he let his body be manhandled and positioned on the bed, barely registering his pajama bottoms being pulled off. Time had no meaning as he drifted in his mind and only the sharp sound of the door closing brought him out. Ignoring the pain, he pulled his pants back up and settled back on the bed, waiting for morning to come.

Xander began to shake as he heard his door open and he kept his eyes closed in an attempt to deny the horror of the situation. It wouldn’t be the first time that he came back, but Xander had been hoping that tonight wouldn’t be one of those nights.

“Poor Kitten.” The distinctly female voice startled him and his eyes flew open to see the new patient swaying in the faint light. “The nasty one hurt you, yes he did. But Miss Edith will make it better when Spikey brings her.”

Easing off the bed carefully Xander made his way over to her. Looking deep into her eyes he shook his head, trying to tell her that no one would be coming. A smile crossed her lips and she twirled around him, laughing softly.

“Oh, but Spikey is coming, and if you are a good Kitten we’ll take you with us,” she said laughingly.

He stopped her motions with a hand to her arm, starting at the cold feel of her skin, and once again shook his head in denial. She giggled and nodded before breaking away to dance again, singing softly. A sudden shadow in the doorway made him step back.

“See, I told you my Spikey would come,” she scolded.

“Dru, princess, what the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into this time?” the shadow asked, moving forward to reveal a lean man with blond hair and vividly blue eyes.

“I found us a Kitten.”




Chapter Two: Screaming Shadows
Summary: First impressions and breaking free
Rating: PG



Spike moved through the corridors with quiet ease, completely comfortable in the shadows. He wasn’t, however, pleased to be rescuing Dru from yet another situation that the mad woman had gotten into. A few months ago he’d had to break her out of jail after she had been caught stalking a young woman and then attacking her. Before that was the time she was caught breaking into a pet store to free the animals because the bloody stars told her to. This time she had managed to get herself locked up in an asylum for the insane, which while annoying for Spike, was fitting. Part of him was tempted to leave her there, but he wasn’t one to abandon family.

“Oh, but Spikey is coming, and if you are a good Kitten we’ll take you with us,” he heard Dru laugh from inside one of the rooms. Quickly he moved to the open door and looked inside, taking in the scene. His lovely Dru was dancing around a young man, singing a lullaby as she twirled and swayed to music only she could hear. “See, I told you my Spikey would come.”

“Dru, princess, what the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into this time?” Spike asked tiredly.

“I found us a Kitten.”

Spike looked carefully at him, noting the overly long hair and pale skin that spoke of a long stay within the asylum’s walls. Around the boy floated the scent of fear mixed with blood and semen. He wasn’t surprised that Dru had ‘adopted’ him, but the reality of bringing a human along with them was lost on the dark haired woman.

“Dru-luv, we can’t take him with us,” Spike said patiently.

“We have to, or the nasty man will finish the job and the Kitten will fade and the gourd will become hollow,” she countered solemnly. Spike stared at her for a moment before looking back at the young man standing in the centre of the room, arms wrapped around his waist. “He’ll be our Kitten, our little love and if we protect him great things will come.”

“Bloody hell, Dru, you’re making less sense than normal,” he grumbled. He turned back to the boy. “Guess you’re coming with us.”

The young man shook his head and stepped back, his arms tightening around his waist. He glanced between Spike and Dru and shook his head again.

“You have to,” Dru said, standing in front of him. “He’ll come back, and keep coming until there’s nothing left.” Still the boy shook his head. “He wants to hurt you, Kitten. His mind is like flies and maggots, all rotten and over-ripe. He won’t stop until you’re dead.”

“Dru, what are you nattering on about?” Spike snapped impatiently.

“The nasty man does to him like Daddy did to me before he became Daddy.”

“This bloke she’s talking about, he been raping you and you still want to stay?” he asked the young man who looked away. “Right, you really are coming with us then. Not giving you a choice in the matter.”

“We’ll protect you, Kitten” Dru said as she grabbed one of the boy’s hands and pulled him forward. “We’ll keep you safe. Come with us.” The boy looked into her eyes for a moment and then nodded.

“Got anything here you want?” Spike asked, glancing around the almost bare room. The boy shook his head again. “Fine, we’re off. Be quiet, no need to tell them we’re gone. Dru, Miss Edith’s in the car waiting for you.”

The blond headed down the hallway, using all his senses to track security and the two behind him. The trip out was made with relative ease, but Spike didn’t relax until they were safely in the car and driving away. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched as Dru introduced her doll to the young man, all the while calling him ‘Kitten’.

“Hey, Whelp, you got a name?” he asked. The boy looked at him, eyes wide and wild before he turned his gaze to the woman sitting beside him.

“Sh, sh, all’s quiet,” Dru whispered. “The shadows came, sneak sneak, and stole his voice away.”

“Bloody hell!” Spike shouted. “You don’t speak?”

“Not a word, a sound, a peep,” answered Dru. “Just thoughts that circle, round and round like a Ferris wheel.”

He reached under the seat and pulled out a bottle of whiskey, popping the top of he lifted it to his lips and took a long drag. This was turning into a bloody soap opera. “Well, what are we suppose to call you then?”

“His bracelet says his name is Alexander L. Harris,” Dru informed him, sounding oddly sane for the moment.

“So Alex?” Spike tried after another swig of whiskey. The boy shook his head. “Lex? Al?” Again no. “Xander?” That got a nod. “Good, we got a name. Next, we need to get you out of those fucking clothes.”



Chapter Three: Silence Speaking Softly
Summary: Shopping trip and new tortures
Rating: PG


A rush of fear flowed through Xander at the blonde’s words. He wondered briefly if he had left one bad situation for another. Beside him, Dru giggled and plucked at his top, making a disgusted face at the colour and texture of the cloth. Realization came and Xander understood that Spike meant to get him new clothing. That was something Xander had no experience with. He had been wearing the hospital clothes for so long; he had forgotten what regular clothing felt like. Smiling in thanks he snuggled down beside Dru and listened as she introduced him to the doll in her arms.

He looked up as the car came to a stop and saw the large mall before them. Glancing down at his clothes he shook his head. There was no way he would be able to walk in there looking like this. Someone would call the cops.

“Knock, knock. Empty eyes and open mouths, we just need the right key,” Dru giggled beside him. Xander looked at her in confusion.

“They ain’t open,” Spike clarified. “And the right key,” he hefted a tire iron from the floor of the front seat. “Come on.”

Xander slipped out of the car and followed behind Spike, the stones scattered across the parking lot digging into the soles of his feet. He stopped when Spike stopped and watched as the blonde lifted the heavy piece of metal and brought it down with a sharp crack. The window in front of them shattered, glass falling to the ground like silvery laughter. He was surprised to not hear an alarm sound, but shrugged his shoulders. Not much made sense to him anymore anyway.

The blonde stalked through the hallways, pausing here and there to peer into darkened stores, occasionally muttering obscenities under his breath. Finally he stopped in front on one store and grinned back at Xander. “Perfect.”

A sharp tug and the gate opened a crack, letting the two slip inside. Xander glanced around the dark store, seeing jeans, leather and mesh. Worried he looked back at the blonde, wondering just what he was going to be dressed in.

“Have faith,” Spike laughed as he moved through the racks, grabbing clothing as he went. “Here, try these on.”

Obediently Xander headed back to the changing rooms and began to try the clothes on, coming out to show the blonde how each article fit. Spike made noises of assent or negation and continued to hand over more clothes. Finally, one outfit caught the blonde’s eye.

“Oh, pet, that is so perfect for you,” he breathed, stepping closer to the younger man.

Xander turned to look into the mirror and stopped when he noticed only his reflection. Despite the fact that he could feel Spike at his back, only he looked back from the shiny surface.

“Turning into Narcissus on me, pet?” Spike laughed. Xander glanced back over his shoulder and then looked pointedly at the mirror. “Oh, I see. Noticed that did ya?”

Xander nodded as a flurry of thoughts began to swarm inside his head. He didn’t think they were going to kill him. One, they would have done it already and two, Spike was getting him new clothing. Not really the acts of someone about to murder you, or so he thought. But still, he couldn’t stop the shiver of fear that wracked his body.

“Relax, pet,” Spike whispered, running his hands over the younger man’s arms. “Not gonna hurt you. You’re ours now. We’ll protect you from everything, even ourselves.”

Spinning back around, Xander met Spike’s eyes, his own full of questions. The vampire nodded in answer to the plea of safety he could see there.

“Come on, before Dru comes in and sees you in the all together.”

With a smile and a nod, Xander went back to try on clothes, handing over those he wanted to keep. Half an hour later, he and Spike left the mall, their arms full of bags stuffed with clothing for all of them and a few treats for Dru. Crawling into the backseat with Dru, Xander curled up with his head on her lap and allowed himself to relax for the first time since that night. He was finally safe.




Chapter Four: Sobbing Shadows
Summary: Discussions and a Chance Encounter
Rating: PG


Spike stalked through the night club, watching the sweat slicked bodies on the floor writhe together in parodies of ecstasy. Somewhere in the smoke and din was tonight’s dinner, and he couldn’t wait to find her and a little something for Dru. He caught the eye of one girl, almost too young to be in the club but there anyway. She would do for his Dark Princess, now he only had to find something to satisfy himself.

He slipped through the crowds, rubbing up against lithe young bodies here and there, gauging who would best satisfy his appetites. Lost in his hunt, he didn’t notice the other vampire enter the club until the larger man’s hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him outside. Spike looked up into dark eyes in a pale face topped by darker hair that made his mind flicker to the young man waiting at the hotel with Dru before the man holding him gave him a hard shake.

“What are you doing, Spike?” the man growled as he moved them into a dark alley.

“Getting something to eat, Peaches,” Spike answered, pulling the hands off his neck. “What’s it matter to you?”

“I’m not going to let you eat people in my city.”

“Your city?” laughed Spike. “Sorry, but LA’s always been free territory, Angel. Anyone can feed here.”

“Not while I’m here,” ‘Angel’ said as he lunged.

“Angel, Angel, Angel,” Spike chided as he danced out of reach. “You really need to work on your temper.”

The larger vampire managed to hit him, a blow that would have knocked the breath out of him if he breathed. He grunted at the impact but managed to hit back, a quick riposte that sent Angel stumbling back. The dark haired man rushed forward and they exchanged a flurry of blows that rocked both of them. Finally Spike spun out of the way and stared at the other vampire.

“I don’t have time for this,” he said. “I need to get Dru fed and then get some food for my new pet.”

“Pet?” Angel questioned. “What have you done, Spike?”

“Had to rescue Dru from the loony bin,” Spike shrugged. “Happened to find a sweet morsel there, took him with us.”

“Spike,” growled Angel in warning.

“If I see you again, maybe I’ll introduce the two of you,” Spike laughed as he turned and ran from the alley.

**** **** **** **** ****

“Dru, princess, your dinner’s out in the hall,” Spike called as he pushed into the room. “And Xander, this is for you.”

The boy absently took the bag, his eyes on the bruised flesh of Spike’s face. He lifted a hand to carefully touch the edge of one, anger sparking deep inside.

“It’s alright, pet,” the blonde said, catching Xander’s hand. “I’ll be fine in a bit. You need to eat now.”

Xander nodded and sat down, his eyes still watching the vampire. Spike smiled and shook his head before going to check on Dru. He watched as she dabbed lightly at the smear of red marring the corner of her mouth before moving back to the room.

“You shouldn’t provoke Daddy,” she chiding softly, running her fingers over his face. “He’ll take our treasure away and the Kitten will go back to the bad place and be lost in the dark.”

“I’ll behave if I see him again,” Spike promised. “But he won’t take the boy; I’ll make sure of that.”

“Good, then we have time for tea before we leave.”



Chapter Five: Mything Shadows
Summary: A quick trip doesn’t go as planned
Rating: PG


“Hey,” a voice interrupted while a long boned hand plucked the book from his fingers. Xander looked up into Spike’s eyes, noting the amused look in them. “Been trying to get your attention for five minutes, mate.”

The dark haired young man shrugged his shoulders sheepishly and reached up to snatch his book back. Carefully marking his place, he turned his attention to the vampire and waited.

“Gotta go out for a bit,” Spike told him. “Need to talk to someone.”

Xander nodded and motioned for him to continue. It wasn’t like the blonde didn’t go out every night anyway. He was very aware of just what the vampire was up to on his jaunts, but he found he didn’t really care. Spike never ate someone in front of him, and he always left Dru’s meal out in the hall. It was those little things that made Xander feel safer in their company.

“– and parade you around in Times Square,” Spike continued. Xander blinked in confusion. “Are you back with me?” He nodded. “Okay, so I’m going to talk to someone but I need to take Dru with me to verify some stuff.”

With his breath stuck in his throat, Xander stared up at Spike in horror. He hadn’t been alone since the night they rescued him and the thought of being by himself for more than a few minutes filled him with terror. He started shaking his head in denial, his heart racing in fear.

“Not abandoning you,” the blonde promised, dropping to his knees. “Just running out for a few, shouldn’t take more than two hours. I promise.” Xander reached out and grabbed a slender hand. “Don’t worry. Keep the door shut and stay inside, you should be safe. I’ll even bring pizza back.”

Taking a deep breath Xander nodded and let go of the hand he had a death grip on. He reached out a shaking hand a picked up his book, hoping the words would distract him enough. Making a little shooing motion, he turned his attention to the pages, trying to ignore the vampire before him.

“Xander,” Spike cajoled. He looked over. “It’ll be alright, don’t worry.”

He nodded again and watched as Spike surged to his feet and went to get Dru. They left with Dru blowing him a kiss and Spike shaking his head in amusement. Alone, the silence of the room quickly weighed down on him and he suddenly realized how much noise Dru’s absent humming made. He also realized how much he missed it. Turning on the TV abolished some of the stifling quiet, but not all of it. Curling up on the couch, he immersed himself in his book and silently wished that they would hurry back soon.

Three chapters later a knock at the door brought Xander out of his book. Looking at the door in panic, he tried to figure out what to do. Spike would be beyond pissed if he opened the door, and he knew there was a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the handle. There was another knock and he huddled down in his seat as arguing voices floated through the door. One was from the desk manager who had checked them in a few days before. The other was deeper, darker and left Xander feeling more than a little afraid. The arguing stopped and the snick of the lock opening sound. Xander got up off the couch and backed away as the handle turned.

**** **** **** **** ****


“You’re sure that’ll work, pet?” Spike asked quietly as they headed back to the hotel.

“Like a fancy ball mask, hide, hide, let no one see what’s beneath,” she giggled. “Our kitten will look like a puppy and no one but us will know.”

He glanced at the charm Dru held; praying to whichever god watched over vampires and lost children that the charm would protect the boy. According to the maker, and verified by Dru, the necklace was suppose to change the boy’s look and scent, throwing off both mundane and supernatural means of tracking him.

“Can we go to Argos?” Dru asked suddenly, shattering the silence that had built in the car.

“Why would we want to go back to Greece? We hated it there,” he reminded her.

“Our Kitten should be blessed in the old ways,” she answered, her voice almost lucid.

“The old ways?” he asked in a carefully distracted voice. Spike was aware that if he paid attention to her all her thoughts would be lost and he had a feeling that this was important.

“Hmm, yes. Old and new twined about him, no one could hurt him then,” she mused. “Perhaps Bacchus, or even Asclepius. I could see him as a healer, could you?”

“I suppose I could, pet,” he answered.

“Could what?”

“You back with me, Dru?” asked Spike, looking over.

“Of course, silly, I haven’t gone anywhere,” she giggled. “But we need to get back to our Kitten before Daddy gets there.”


“No, not him, the other Daddy.”

“Angel,” Spike snarled, slamming down the gas pedal.

At the hotel Spike was out of the car almost before it stopped, flying up the stairs. He reached their room and shoved the door open with a sharp crack. The room was empty, Xander’s book forgotten on the floor and the scent of his fear filling the air.

“Sir! You are going to have to pay for that door,” a voice shouted as the manager came stomping up the hallway.

“Where is the boy?” Spike asked softly, eyes glittering gold with rage.

“You cannot go about breaking things in my hotel–” the tirade stopped as Spike grabbed the man’s throat, lifting him off the floor.

“Where is the boy?” he asked again.

“A gentleman came and got him earlier,” the bellhop answered timidly from his hiding spot around the corner. “He said the boy belonged in the hospital and he was taking him back.”

Spike dropped the manager after a quick snap of his wrist and turned toward the bellhop. “If you had nothing to do with this then I suggest you leave the building now,” he growled. The young man bolted, running as fast as his legs could carry him out of the hotel and back to his home.

“Are we going to get our Kitten back?” Dru asked.

“Yeah, princess, we are,” he replied. “But first, we need to punish the people here and then go see Angel.”

“Punish? Can I do it?”

“Yeah, you go punish them, I’m gonna go tattoo the word imbecile across the poof’s oversized forehead.”



Of Shadows and Silence – Chapters 16-20

Chapter Sixteen: Starving Shadows
Summary: The facts of life get explained to Angel
Rating: R


Doyle scowled into the bare cupboards, trying to conjure food by glare alone. Slamming the door he moved over to the fridge and peeked inside, noticing the distinct lack of food. Growling, he closed the door and went searching for his husband. They needed food.

“Angel,” he said, tapping the taller man on the shoulder. “We’ve got a bit of an issue.”

“Something’s wrong?” the vampire asked, glancing down in worry. “Is it a demon?”

“Only the one growling in my stomach,” Doyle answered. “We have no food.”

“Oh,” Angel blinked.

“I need money to go get food,” Doyle said slowly. “You have the money.”

“Oh, yeah,” he laughed sheepishly. “Hold on.”

Doyle shook his head as his husband walked away, wondering if the latest demon had hit the vampire just a little too hard. Sighing, he walked over to where the trio were curled up together, watching some old movie. He smiled at the peaceful look on Xander’s face, happy that the boy was finally comfortable. They had been living in the hotel for three weeks and it had taken almost the whole time for the young man to relax.

“Heading out to the grocery store,” the seer said in greeting. “Anyone want to come with me?”

“Sure, we’ll come,” Spike said, pushing Xander up. “‘Sides, I need some. Weetabix™.”


Doyle looked at the blonde for a second before shaking his head. He really didn’t want to know what the vampire wanted cereal for, really he didn’t. They grabbed their stuff and waited patiently for Angel to come back, wondering what was taking the dark vampire so long.

“Sorry,” Angel apologized as he came down the stairs. “I didn’t know how much you’d need.”

Spike snorted, Xander shook his head and Dru giggled as Angel shoved a handful of cash at the stunned Doyle. The seer took the money gingerly, blinking down at the wad of money he held. There had to be almost a thousand there, definitely more than they needed.

“I think Peaches should come with us,” Spike said suddenly, a grin on his face. “Give him an understanding of buying food.”

“Yeah,” Doyle answered absently. “That might be a good idea.”

Angel protested as they pulled him out to the car and headed for the all night Wal-Mart. It was obvious that the vampire hadn’t bought food in recent history, but he would learn.

**** **** **** **** ****

There were certain things in the world that Angel was not prepared to deal with. After half an hour in the store, he decided that Wal-Mart was definitely one of them. As soon as they had entered the doors, the others had split up. Spike dragging Xander to the toy section, Dru heading off for parts unknown and Doyle going to the food section. Angel followed behind his husband, absurdly frightened by the bright lights and brighter displays scattered around the store. He watched in awe as the smaller man shopped, grabbing things seemingly at random and throwing them in the cart.

“Do we really need three loaves of bread?” he asked as Doyle kept filling the cart.

“Yes,” the seer said patiently. “We actually go through a lot of bread during the week.”


“Why don’t you go find Dru,” Doyle sighed. “I’ll finish up here and then come and get you.”

“All right,” Angel nodded, happy to find something else to do.

He walked through the store searching for his wayward childe. A while later he finally found her in the children’s section, talking very seriously to a bunch of balloons. He listened as she asked them questions and waited patiently for the answers.

“What are you doing Dru?” he asked, coming to stand beside her.

“Talking to my new friends,” she smiled. “Aren’t they pretty?”

Angel nodded and looked around for any help in dealing with the demented seeress. He sighed with relief when he noticed Spike and Xander up the aisle, their arms loaded down with toys. He caught Spike’s eye and gestured the younger vampire over.

“Hey Dru,” the blonde said, shoving the items in his arms at Angel. “What do we have here?”

“I made some new friends,” Dru giggled. “Can we take them home with us?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not,” blue eyes met brown and Angel glanced away from the fierce look in Spike’s eyes. “All of them or any particular one?”

“All of them,” Dru clapped.

“Okay then.” Spike untied the balloons and handed them over, making sure that Dru had a firm grasp on the strings. “Let’s go find Doyle and get out of here.”

“Good idea,” Angel muttered as he followed along behind them, wondering when he had lost control over everything.

“Doyle, come see my new friends,” Dru shouted when she spotted the seer.

The half-demon smiled at her. “They’re very nice.”

“But they’re afraid,” she pouted. “They think that they’re gonna be pulled down and fall.”

“Barophobia,” Doyle said.

“What?” “Huh?” Spike and Angel both stared at him.

“Barophobia. It’s a fear of gravity,” the seer explained.

“That’s a fucked up fear,” Spike laughed. “How’d you know that anyway?”

“I used to be a teacher,” Doyle shrugged. “Learned a lot of odd things.”

“A teacher, eh?” Spike eyed him seriously. “I might just have a job for you.”




Chapter Seventeen: Dreaming Shadows
Summary: Presents and Dreams
Rating: PG
Note: Time jump in this chapter. It’s just over a year later.


Xander smiled as the candle-laden cake was set before him. Taking a deep breath, he made a wish and blew out the flickering lights, laughing silently at Dru’s clap and giggle. Doyle pulled the cake away and Spike placed the first gaudily wrapped box in front of him. Excited, Xander ripped the paper off and carefully opened the box, his mouth dropping open in shock at the contents.

“We’ll teach you to use them,” Spike said as Xander turned pleading eyes on him. “You’ll be training with me and Angel with them.”

Xander ran a careful finger over the dagger set, noting the protection runes etched into the silver blades. He pouted as the daggers were removed and another present set in their place. He opened this box and stared in glee. Inside was a leather duster, just like Spike’s. Lifting it out of the box, he stood and slipped into it, smiling at the feel. It didn’t carry the same feeling of safety and comfort that he got when he wore Spike’s, but it had it’s own comfort. He lifted questioning eyes, glancing at everyone.

“The old man got it for you,” Spike drawled, loving the look of shock on his boy’s face and the embarrassment on his Sire’s.

Turning, Xander met Angel’s sheepish gaze and moved closer to the older vampire, wrapping him in an unexpected hug. Angel patted the boy’s back for a moment and then hugged the boy back when he realized Xander wasn’t letting go. Finally, Xander released him and stepped back to the table, leaving the confused vampire to stand by himself. Both Doyle and Spike snickered at the flummoxed look on Angel’s face while Dru handed Xander his next gift.

Once the latest gift was opened, Xander clapped his hands in glee at the assortment of video games that filled the box. He knew without a doubt that they were from Spike and he graced the blonde with a brilliant smile. Opening the next gift, he mock frowned at the books. He had grown an appreciation for the written word under Doyle’s tutelage.

“We can start on these later,” Doyle told him. “I noticed Spike sparked an interest in Shakespeare. That’s his completed works.”

Xander reached up and hugged him, giggling silently at the wave of red that crept over his teacher’s face.

“I’ll help you read them,” Spike offered. “Be just like hearing it straight from the dead guys mouth.”

Xander and Doyle paused and looked at each other, strange expressions on their faces. Turning together, they each bestowed Spike with his trademark ‘raised eyebrow’, wicked grins stretching their lips. It took Spike a second to realized what was amusing them before his statement hit him.

“Ha ha,” he said sarcastically. “Ain’t it time for cake.”

The humour of his words was forgotten in favour of the cake and they all sat down to enjoy the treat. The cake was finished quickly and they cleaned up before heading off their separate ways for the day. Doyle dragged Angel upstairs, muttering something about rewarding sentimental fools. Dru headed toward the kitchen, talking to Miss Edith about having a tea party. Spike led the sleepy young man up the stairs to their suite, helping the boy strip down and tucking him in.

“Happy birthday, Xan,” he whispered, leaning down to brush as chaste kiss over the sleeping man’s lips. “Welcome to the adult world.”

**** **** **** **** ****

He could hear screaming, hoarse and uncontrolled, full of fear and fury. After a startled second he realized that he was the one screaming. The shock of hearing his own voice silenced him and brought the world into focus. The scene around him made him lean over and retch.

The hotel lay in ruins around him and the streets surrounding were on fire. Afraid, he began to search the wreckage for his family, sobbing when he found Miss Edith laying in a pile of ashes. There were two more piles not far from the first and a short distance away a bloody, broken body lay almost unrecognizable. Tears skewing his vision, he reached out and touched one of the arms, snatching his hand back at the sensation of cold skin.

From the shadows laughter came, chilling him deeply. He looked around but his sight couldn’t penetrate the darkness and the laughter rose in volume, echoing wildly around the rumble.

“Just say yes,” a voice whispered from nowhere. “Say yes and this will all remain a dream. Just a dream.”

He clamped his lips shut and shook his head, willing himself to wake up.

Say yes!

**** **** **** **** ****

Spike gathered his boy into his arms as sobs shook the tense body. Holding the trembling young man tightly, he vow to kill anyone who was messing with his boy. Anyone.




Chapter Eighteen: Unusual Silence
Summary: Now for Something new and different
Rating: PG
A/N: Introducing a new character


Something was wrong. Angel stared hard at the lobby, desperately trying to figure out what was amiss. He knew part of it was that he was alone in the hotel, the empty rooms and corridors felt desolate without Doyle’s laughter, Dru’s babble, Spike’s bragging and Xander’s smile. The other part was the almost peacefulness that had descended upon their lives. Other than the demons they fought and the occasional spat between him and Spike, life was idyllic. That alone worried the vampire. Everything was nice and sweet, and Angel knew it was only a matter of time before disaster struck.

Sighing, he leaned against the counter and propped his chin on one hand, staring at the doors. The others had left him home once again while they went shopping, Doyle stating he only wanted to deal with one whining child at a time. Not that Angel actually wanted to brave the horror that was Walmart. Truthfully, the five times he had in the past year were more than enough to last him for the rest of his existence. Still, while he didn’t want to do shopping, he didn’t want to be left home alone either. He had become accustomed to having someone around him at all times and being alone felt strange.

The doors started to open and he straightened up, trying to look like he was doing something important. He slumped a little when he saw it wasn’t one of his family coming through the doorway but someone else instead. The stranger was young woman, pretty with long dark hair, dressed in designer clothing.

“Hello,” she greeted him as she walked regally into the room, glancing around the lobby briefly before turning to look at him. “I was told that someone here could help me deal with some strange things.”

“Probably. Depends on what sort of strange things you need help with,” Angel told her.

The door behind her opened, letting the missing four enter before she could speak again. Doyle looked at Angel who shrugged. He didn’t know what was happening yet anyway. The seer nodded and dragged Spike off to the kitchen to help him put stuff away. Angel smiled as Dru headed over to one of the couches, a balloon gripped in one hand and Miss Edith in the other, carrying on a conversation only she could hear. Xander closed the door and skirted around the young woman, coming to stand beside the taller man.

“Do I know you?” the woman asked, staring hard at Xander who tipped his head to the side and really looked at her then shrugged. “Where are you from?”

“He’s from a little town not far from here,” Angel interjected.

“I didn’t ask you,” she snapped. “He can talk for himself.”

“Actually, he can’t,” Spike said from behind her, making the woman yelp.

“Oh,” she blinked. “Anyway, I’m here looking for some help.”

“Help with what exactly?” Angel asked.

“I’m not sure you’ll believe me, but I’m telling the truth,” she began. “See, vampires and stuff are real and I’m sorta being stalked by one”

**** **** **** **** ****

Xander watched the woman carefully, wondering why she produced such a confused feeling in him. It felt like he knew her, or someone like her. Even her name, Cordelia Chase, sounded familiar but his memories before the hospital were foggy and he couldn’t really remember anything. He listened as Angel and Doyle assured her that they believe in vampires too and could help her. She had seemed so shocked when they didn’t dismiss her right away and instead asked her a series of questions about the vampire stalking her.

“Wait, didn’t you use to skulk around Sunnydale?” Cordelia asked Angel.

Xander started and stared at her in shock. He hadn’t heard that name in years, and hearing it now sent little shivers of fear down his back.

“I didn’t skulk,” Angel protested. “And yes, I was in Sunnydale.”

“Wow, no wonder you believe,” she laughed. Her eyes darted over to Xander and a knowing look crossed her face. “Xander Harris.”

He nodded slowly, still staring at her. She obviously knew him but he still couldn’t place her.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember me,” Cordelia told him. “It’s not like we were friends or anything.”

Suddenly the image of a younger girl staring down at him imperiously entered his mind and he blinked in shock, remembering the vicious girl she had been. She was correct though, they hadn’t been anything close to resembling friends. Cordelia Chase had been pretty and popular, he was just Xander.

“You disappeared years ago, what happened to you?” she asked bluntly.

He shook his head and shrugged, hoping to deflect her questioning. Looking over at Angel, he silently begged the vampire to start questioning her again so he didn’t have to answer. Nodding, Angel directed her attention back to him and Doyle, letting the young man breath a sigh of relief.

“Are you staying some place safe, Ms. Chase?” Doyle asked politely.

“I’m staying in a very nice hotel downtown,” she replied, smiling at him.

“Hotel’s aren’t really that safe,” Angel told her. “Vampires can come and go as they please.”

She paled. “Really?”

“Yes,” Doyle nodded. “Do you have any other place to stay? Family or friends?”

“N-n-no,” Cordelia stuttered. “I don’t know anyone in town yet.”

Spike sauntered up and leaned over, whispering in Angel’s ear. The blonde glanced over at the young woman before saying something softly to Doyle as well before turning to Xander. “You okay with her staying here?”

Xander looked up at him and nodded, smiling softly at him. Spike gave him a quick hug and walked off, whistling softly under his breath.

“Ms. Chase, would you be willing to stay here until this is resolved?” Angel asked.

“Here?” She glanced around and sighed. “I guess it would be okay.”

Doyle smiled at her. “It’ll take a few for us to get a room ready for you. Would you like something to drink while you wait?”

“No, I’m okay,” Cordelia said. “But can I ask a question?”

“Sure. What did you want to know?”

“Why is there blood on the carpet over there?”


Chapter Nineteen: Frisky Shadows
Summary: Xander meets someone new
Rating: PG


Xander peeked around the corner, sighing with relief that Cordelia was not in the lobby. In the week she had been there, she had stalked him around the building, constantly asking questions. Most of the time he wouldn’t have answered her even if he had been able to. Glad to finally be away from her, he sank down on one of the couches and finally relaxed. Doyle had sent Angel and Spike off to search for information on Cordelia’s stalker and the seer must have been keeping the woman occupied. Dru was napping in their suite and Xander was alone for the first time in over a year. Squirming further down into the couch, he let his mind drift into other random thoughts.

A soft sound broke him out of his daydreams and he looked around in confusion. The lobby was still empty, but he could hear the sound again. It was a soft little whine and was coming from the office. Curious, he sat forward and peered in that direction, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever was making the noise. From his vantage point he couldn’t see straight into the office and with a sigh he pushed himself to his feet, walking slowly in that direction. The closer he got to the office, the louder the sound, but when he stepped inside the noise stopped. He searched the room visually, looking for anything out of the ordinary. A small ball of something on the floor by the desk stood out and he cautiously approached it, stopping when it moved. The lump stretched, becoming a small grey creature that looked a lot like a kitten with little black wings. Carefully, he reached down and picked it up, cradling the shaking body against his chest. He started to pet the creature, marveling at the soft fur and the leathery feel to the wings. A quiet, rumbling purr started and he grinned down at the creature.

Walking slowly he headed out of the office and started searching the hotel for Doyle, hoping the seer could tell him exactly what his new friend was. He had reached the top of the stairs when the front doors opened, letting Spike and Angel in. Still smiling, Xander headed back down, silently extending his handful to his vampire.

**** **** **** **** ****

Grumbling, Spike pushed the doors to the hotel open, hoping to get away from Angel as soon as he could. Their search had been a bust and the darker vampire had started brooding. The last thing the blonde wanted to do was deal with a morose, remorseful Angel. Better to let Doyle handle his own husband.

Spike grinned when he saw his boy on the stairs, the sight of the dark haired youth enough to calm his nerves. When his boy reached the bottom of the stairs he held something out and the vampire nearly screamed when he saw the hell cat curled in the palm of the young man’s hands.

“Xander,” he started quietly. “Where did you find that?”

Xander pointed to the office and then started stroking the small form, still smiling. Spike shook his head and looked at Angel for help, but the older vampire was laughing too hard.

“That’s a hell cat, pet,” he said patiently. The boy shrugged and continued to pet the creature. “You can’t keep it, Xander.”

The boy’s smile faded and a pout came into effect. Dark brown eyes grew large and damp as Xander stared at him, clutching the hell cat to his chest. Spike felt his resolve melt and sighed in defeat. Nothing could withstand the boy looking like that, not even him.

“Fine, you can keep him. But you’re taking care of him and we’re finding a way to keep him from calling others into the building,” Spike said finally.

Xander smiled widely and placed a quick kiss on Spike’s cheek before running up the stairs. Snarling, Spike turned to glare at Angel.

“A lot of help you were!” he snapped.

The older vampire stopped laughing. “Doyle found it yesterday,” Angel told him. “It’s already been warded. We thought it would be good for him.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” growled Spike.

“And miss the look on your face?” Angel laughed.

“I really hate you,” the blonde grumbled, heading off after his boy.



Chapter Twenty: Fragile Shadows
Summary: Xander’s Growing Up
Rating: R


Three weeks. The stalker vampire was dead and still the bloody bint was with them. For some reason, Doyle and Angel agreed to let her stay, giving her a job as a secretary. Spike wasn’t sure why they needed a secretary in the first place, but he grudgingly agreed to leave the girl alone if she left him and his be. So far, the truce was holding up and an uneasy peace hovered over the hotel.

The introduction of Xander’s hell kitten into their lives had been a interesting one. Spike grinned as he thought about the kitten. Hella, as the kitten had been named, was like any other cat: mischievous and devious. The ability to fly just made the animal’s attacks more interesting. She dropped things on them from the ceiling, giving little kitten smirks when they jumped. Cordelia and Angel had become her favourite targets, leaving the others laughing in the wake of her attacks.

A soft, wet touch to his ankle snapped Spike out of his musings and he looked down at the black lump of fur and wings rubbing against him.

“Hey there,” he crooned, bending down to pick up the kitten. “Where’s your daddy at?”

The hell kitten purred and rubbed against his cheek, batting the side his head with a wing. Spike laughed, scratching the kitten’s head as he went looking for his missing boy. He searched the bottom floor, finding Dru in the kitchen with Miss Edith. Pausing to give the loopy vampire a quick kiss, he continued his search, heading toward their rooms. Their suite was empty and Spike growled in annoyance. He hated when he didn’t know where Xander was. How was he to protect the boy if he couldn’t find him?

Still growling, he knocked on the married couple’s door, hoping one of them had seen Xander. Doyle opened the door, smiling in greeting and letting a wave of laughter flow into the room. Peering in, Spike could see his boy curled up into one of the armchairs, a wide smile on his face. When the boy looked up and saw Spike his smile grew and the blonde felt his anger at the boy flow away.

“Have a meeting and forget to tell me?” Spike snapped in mock anger.

“Angel was just telling us about his last case,” Doyle told him, pulling him into the room.

“Oh really,” he arched an eyebrow. “I don’t remember this case.”

“You had taken Dru out for the night,” the seer reminded him. “It was last week.”

Spike nodded, remembering the fit the insane seeress had thrown, prompting him to take her out for a night on the town. “What happened then? Must have been good with the way you’re all laughing.”

If vampires could have blushed, Angel would have been bright red, as it was, the vampire ducked his head and muttered under his breath until his husband made him continue.

“This woman was certain there was a demon in their house and it was targeting her daughter. She made claims of strange sights and noises. I agreed to go check it out. I searched all the rooms, but there was nothing. So I figured that it was just their imaginations since they had just moved into the house.

“The mother wouldn’t let me leave. She kept saying that there was something and I had to find it. She led me up to the girl’s room and told me that most of the strange things had happened in there. All I could think was it had to be the girl. There were bears everywhere. Piled on the bed, the floor, in the closet. There were posters of bears and little figurines around. I was almost certain it was the girl,” Angel paused.

“I take it that it wasn’t?” Spike smirked.

Angel shook his head. “As I turned to leave the room, one of the bears jumped out at me. It turns out there was a demon. It was a shape shifter and there were so many bears that it wasn’t noticed among them.”

“Okay, while somewhat amusing, I don’t see what’s so funny.”

Doyle laughed. “Seems the girl was fond of that bear. She made Angel go with her to a Build-a-Bear shop to make a new one.”

The image of Angel surrounded by half made teddy bears and being led by a little girl popped into Spike’s head and he joined the others in laughing at the older vampire’s misfortune.

**** **** **** **** ****

There were hands on him, but they didn’t hurt. They stroked down his sides, tickling and making him feel warm, but there was no pain. Soft lips brushed over his, barely there kisses and he lifted his head to get more. But the mouth didn’t linger, instead it travelled over his cheek and down his neck, leaving little biting kisses in its wake. The hands moved lower, sliding down his hips and trailing over his thighs. He sighed as the lips came back up, pressing harder against his and a wet tongue laved over them, encouraging his lips to open. A strange feel grew inside as he let his lips fall open and the tongue slipped inside, mapping the contours of his mouth.

“Xander.” His name was whispered in a familiar voice, sparking new sensations deep inside.

“Spike,” he breathed.

**** **** **** **** ****

His heart racing, Xander sat up quickly. He looked around the room and noticed he was alone, though the presence of Spike’s duster on one of the chairs stated that the vampire wasn’t very far. Sliding off the bed, he padded over to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, wondering if he dreams would show on his face.

He was confused. The memory of Trent had dimmed, but the fear still remained. Yet he was dreaming of Spike touching him in a way that should make him afraid but there was no fear. Rubbing a hand over his face he struggled with what to do. Finally he headed back into the bedroom and grabbed his notebook and pen and went looking for the one person who wouldn’t judge him. Beside, Doyle always had answers.



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Of Shadows and Silence – Chapters 11-15

Chapter Eleven: Wedded Shadows
Summary: The price must be paid
Rating: PG


Silence filled the room and Xander found himself glancing between the other occupants, wondering why the tension had skyrocketed. Sitting up carefully he brushed a hand over Spike’s shoulder, getting the vampire’s attention.

“S’okay, luv,” the blonde reassured him. “Peaches and his pet have to get married.”

Xander’s eyes grew large, shock written all over his face. He looked around in confusion, not understanding what was going on. When Spike said nothing further, he reached out and snagged the end of Dru’s dress, pulling her closer. He continued pulling her until she was seated beside him.

“It’s all right, Kitten,” she crooned. “Daddy was bad and the old ones are punishing him. Round and round until the sky explodes, bound by blood and magic.” She giggled and snuggled into Xander. “I’ve got the best present for them.”

He stared in shock and horror at the two men seated on the other side of the room. Angel looked defiant, ready to fight what was happening while the shorter man at his side seemed resigned to his fate.

“That’s Doyle,” Dru whispered in his ear. “The stars sing for him too. But his stars are naughty and they hurt him. Bad, bad stars. We’ll make it better.” He nodded and sat back to watch the drama play out in front of them.

**** **** **** **** ****

Spike wrapped his arm around his boy, tangling his fingers in Dru’s hair on the other side. Everything was right in his world again. He had his boy, Dru and to top it all off, the over-gelled poof was stuck paying the price. Life was good.

“We shouldn’t have to do this,” Angel protested, standing toe to toe with Robin. “He’s Spike’s, why should we have to pay?”

“Oh, that’s easy, Peaches,” Spike drawled. He waited until the older vampire turned to look at him. “If you hadn’t fucked up in the first place and handed my boy over, none of this would have happened. Hell, we would probably have been out of the city already. But your playing hero put a kink in my plans.”

“This is all your fault,” Angel snapped. “If you hadn’t been in the city-”

“If I hadn’t been here, then Xander would more than likely be dead,” Spike replied coolly, tightening his grip on Xander’s shoulders. “They were well on their way to killing him in there, it was only a matter of time. I saved him, and I claim him. You, fuck things up like always. You fucked up as Angelus and now you’re fucking up as Angel. You’ll never change.”

The larger man lunged for the blonde, stopped only by Robin’s grasp on his arm. He turned shocked eyes on the legendary man and stumbled back at the fury in them. Spike sat up slowly, easing away from Xander and preparing to move as Robin seemed to expand, growing larger in the small room.

“Who’s at blame is not the issue here, though you are without a doubt guilty of causing the child harm. The issue is the price that must be paid,” Robin’s voice rumbled through the room. “The Elders have decided and whether you like it or not, they do hold power over you. Their decision stands. You will be bonded to the seer within seven days. Not even death will free you from your obligation.”

Angel sank to the ground stunned, and for a moment Spike felt pity for him. Only a moment though before common sense intruded. He glanced over at Doyle, taking in the sad look that the seer was giving the vampire. It hadn’t taken much to convince Spike that the half-demon deeply cared for his GrandSire, even if Angel didn’t return the feelings, and this utter horror that the vampire was showing had to be hurting the other man.

“The first part of the bonding will take place in two days. Do not try to run, you will not like the results. Spike,” he turned to the blonde vampire. “When I return I will bring protection for your boy as well as the address.”

The vampire nodded. He didn’t want to wait to avenge his boy, but he knew it was better to have protections on Xander first before enacting any of the plans he had made. He glanced up as Robin seemed to shrink down to normal size, seeming smaller and paler than before.

“I must return home for a spell,” the green man said. “I will be returning. Do not leave this hotel room. I have placed shielding spells on it. They are to keep those who may be searching from finding you.”

They all jumped as he disappeared with a pop, leaving them staring at the space where he had been standing. Spike looked down as Xander tugged on his arm, pointing to the spot with a look of confusion.

“Forgot to introduce him, didn’t I?” he laughed. “Have you ever read Shakespeare?”

**** **** **** **** ****

A scream tore through the quiet of the room, startling everyone. Wide eyes turned to look at the writhing figure on the floor, caught in the grip of a vision. Xander eased out of Spike’s arms and inched closer to Doyle, reaching out a shaking hand to touch him. Just before he made contact, the seer’s body stopped trembling and his screams fell silent. A moment later Dru moaned low in her throat, her hands grasping handfuls of hair.

“No no no no no no no no,” she muttered. Xander stood and went to her, pulling her over to where Doyle still lay.



The two vampires glared at each other before turning their attention back to the two psychics. I’ve spaced these lines but ignore me if you wanted them all on one line

“Something bad’s coming,” Doyle managed to say. He lifted tear filled eyes to look at Angel. “Both parts of the bonding must be done when Robin gets back.”

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Because we need to be bound before the first day of the Virgin month.”

“Virgin month?”

“Mid August to mid September,” Spike said softly.

“That’s in three days time,” the older vampire whispered. “Why must it happen before then?”

“Because if we don’t, the world will end.”



Chapter Twelve: Wandering Silence
Summary: The Wedding takes place and someone wanders off
Rating: PG


Spike woke with start, noticing the warm body that normally slept beside him was missing. Cracking open his eyes, he glanced around the room, noting Dru having a tea party with Angel of all people. Turning to look at the other side of the room, he saw Xander and Doyle sitting together playing cards, a wicked grin on the younger man’s face. Rolling off the bed, he made his way over to them.

“Your boy’s a card shark,” Doyle accused when Spike got close enough. The grin on Xander’s face grew and he laid out his hand: a full house, kings full of aces. “See what I mean?”

“At least I know who to take with me to the next game of kitten poker,” Spike laughed. “You doing okay?” he asked Xander. The boy looked up at him and nodded, his eyes still haunted but slowly clearing. “Gonna check on Dru, I’ll be right back.”

Crossing the room, he had to bite back a laugh at the pained look on Angel’s face. The large man sat on the floor across from Dru and her doll, a teapot and china cups sitting between them. Spike listened carefully as Dru instructed her Sire on proper tea etiquette as she poured him a cup. Angel lifted the fragile glass with a look of distaste but took a sip of the bitter brew anyway, knowing that it was best to humour the insane woman at this time.

“May I have a cup, Dru?” Spike asked as he folded himself down on the floor next to them.

“Of course, Spikey,” the vampiress laughed. “Everyone should have a cup of tea, but we do not have enough glasses.” She pouted at him.

“S’okay, luv,” he soothed. “The other’s can have some later, okay?”

She smiled and nodded, turning to tip one of the cups to Miss Edith’s seam of a mouth. Spike noticed Angel watching her with sad eyes and shook his head. The older vampire would never understand, she may be insane but at least she was having fun.

“Dru,” Spike said suddenly. “Why don’t you bring some of the little cakes over to Xander and Doyle. There’s enough of those for them.”

“What a good idea, Spikey,” she smiled, piling several cakes onto a plate. She stood carefully and brought them over to the two playing cards, leaving the two vampires alone.

“You’re an idiot,” the blonde stated, staring hard at his GrandSire.

“Why is that?” Angel asked wearily.

“You’re being handed something precious on a sliver platter and all you can do is bitch that you’re being forced into marriage.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit,” Spike snapped. “I’ve been stuck with Dru since you took off eighty years ago, and as much as she might drive me crazy I’ve never complained about it or her, or denied my feelings for her.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What feelings?” Angel blustered.

Spike tipped his head to the side and stared hard at his GrandSire. “I never figured you for a coward. And since you’ve become all soul-having, I never figured you for one to hurt someone needlessly. Yet here you are, running away and hurting someone who loves you more than life.”

“Why doesn’t the boy talk?” asked Angel suddenly, desperate to change the subject.

Smiling ruefully, Spike allowed the change. “Don’t know. Dru said something about the shadows taking his voice. Not sure what she meant, and Xander doesn’t want to discuss it either.”

“How do you manage to communicate with him?” This time Angel was truly curious.

“Dru and pen and paper,” Spike shrugged. “It’s sad, we’ve been here almost two days and you’ve just gotten around to asking that.”

“I haven’t been able to get near you to talk to you,” the older vampire replied. “You’re always with the boy and he’s still scared of me.”

“Do you really blame him?” Spike growled. “Whatever happened to him was bad enough that he won’t tell me, and neither will Dru.”

Angel opened his mouth to reply but a loaded crack filled the air. Turning they watched as a portal of swirling lights appeared and Robin stepped through.

**** **** **** **** ****

Xander watched as Robin stepped out of the swirling lights with fascination. He couldn’t help but stare at the tall man, wondering if he could see Puck’s mischievousness in the man’s somber face. He stifled a smile as one bright green eye winked at him before turning toward Doyle.

“Are you prepared?” Robin asked the seer.

“I am.”

“Are you prepared?” he turned to the dark vampire.

“No,” Angel answered. “I still don’t think we should have to do this.”

“What you think is of no matter,” Robin told him seriously. “I ask again, are you prepared?”


“Then this will be done by force,” the green-tinged man sighed. “I had hoped you would be mature and reasonable about this. It will happened regardless of your feelings on the issue.”

“Force?” Angel squeaked.

“Simple spell that will make you do as I command,” Robin informed him. “I would rather not use it. I prefer you doing this on your own.”

“Just do it, Angel” Doyle sighed, laying his cards down and standing up. “Nothing’s gonna stop it.”

The vampire looked around the room, whether for escape or help, Xander wasn’t sure, but no reprieve was found. “Fine, let’s do this.”

**** **** **** **** ****

“Good. I need both of you to come here,” he gestured, pointing to the spot in front on him. The seer and the champion made their way over, both fidgeting as they stood before Robin. The green man pulled a dagger and a chalice out of thin air. “The seer first.”

Doyle stretched out his hand, giving it into Robin’s keeping. Nodding his thanks, the green man made a quick cut on the small man’s hand, letting the blood flow into the chalice. Robin then turned to Angel and waited for the vampire to put his hand forth. When he did, Robin made a similar cut, once again letting the blood drip into the waiting vessel. He let the chalice hang in the air for a moment, leaning forward to snip off a bit of each of their hair, dropping the combined hairs into the cup. A tap to the side and a cloud of smoke rose from the chalice, fading quickly in the air. Robin handed the cup to Doyle, letting him drink before handing it over to Angel, watching with bright eyes as the vampire reluctantly lifted the cup to his lips.

“Now a kiss,” Robin said softly, moving close and brushing his lips over Doyle’s. The seer gasped as magic flowed through him and he couldn’t help but lick his lips as Robin moved away. He watched as Robin kissed Angel, almost seeing the magic that moved across the vampire’s body. “Now thekiss.”

Nodding in understanding, Doyle turned to Angel and pulled the taller man down for a kiss, feeling the magic in both of them meet and combine, changing and binding them. He pulled away reluctantly, refusing to meet his friend’s eyes, not wanting to see the loathing that would be in them.

“You must finish the binding as soon as possible,” Robin informed them, tossing the dagger and chalice into the air where they disappeared. “You are both still vulnerable to outside influence until you do.”

“Finish?” Angel asked, confused.

“He means sex,” Doyle muttered, knowing the other man would hear him.

“I can’t, we can’t, I mean. . .” Doyle didn’t wait for him to finish, he turned and fled the hotel room, trying to blink back the tears that wanted to fall.

“I think I’m gonna throw you a parade,” Spike sighed from across the room. “You deserve it for being the biggest idiot in the world.”

**** **** **** **** ****

The half-demon stalked through the streets almost blinded by his tears. He had what he wanted at his fingertips and yet it was still so far away. All he wanted, from the time he’d first talked to Angel was to have the souled vampire as his own. Now he had him, but he would never have him. And that simple fact hurt.

He was jerked from his thoughts as rough hands came out of the darkness and grabbed him, pulling him back into the dark. He felt handcuffs snap around his wrists and cursed his impulsiveness. He hadn’t even taken his lockpicks with him.

**** **** **** **** ****

Robin’s eyes grew distant as he stared at Angel with contempt. Spike watched as the tall man’s face darkened with anger and he turned that fury on the dark vampire. Angel went flying through the air, guided by some invisible force, hitting the far wall with a loud thump.

“I warned you,” Robin snarled, stalking toward his prey. “You were being commanded to do this by the Council of Elders, and still you balked at your duty. That alone would be enough to have you punished, but you compounded your guilt by hurting the one who holds the key to your unlife in his hands.”

“What?” Angel gasped.

“Your lives are bound together, life and death,” the tall man informed him. “Together you would have been unstoppable. The pain of his visions would have diminished and the two of you would have spent your lives together helping those in need. Now the other side has him, and they know he helped free the boy. They are not pleased.”

Robin stepped back, letting the large man fall to a heap on the floor. He turned to look at Spike, silently asking the blonde vampire for help.

“He risked himself for me and my boy,” Spike nodded. “S’only fair I repay the favour.”

“Thank you,” Robin said sincerely. “To sweeten the pot, I suppose I should inform you that your prey has him.”

A savage smile curved Spike’s mouth and his eyes filled with unholy glee. “Two birds with one stone, mate. This just gets better and better.”


Chapter Thirteen: Stricken Silence
Summary: It’s Doyle’s turn to be tortured and rescued
Rating: R for violence and torture


Everyone was tense, anger and hurt flowing around the room, wrapping around Xander and making it hard for him to move or breathe. Spike and Angel were snapping at each other, both blaming each other for Doyle’s abduction. Dru sat humming in the corner, Miss Edith on her lap, as she sharpened a wicked looking knife. The mysterious Robin was on the far side of the room, waiting patiently for everyone to quiet down. Hesitantly, Xander made his way over to the green man, stopping before him and meeting his eyes squarely.

“Can I help you, young one?” Robin asked.

Xander stared at him hard, putting all his feelings into his gaze. He needed Robin to know how much they needed everyone on this mission.

“You want to come with us?” Xander nodded sharply, his eyes never leaving Robin’s. “You need protection first.”

“Protection?” Spike asked, moving away from Angel and over to Xander. “You found something to protect him?”

“Yes,” Robin answered. He glanced away from Xander and met Spike’s eyes briefly. “I have something that would help protect him.” He pulled a necklace out of his pocket and handed it over to Spike.

“What’s this?” the blonde asked, turning what looked like a mass of melted rock over in his hands.

“Rocks from sacred spots around the world, charmed to protect and hide,” Robin smiled. “The Vatican, a temple to Bacchus in Greece, Ayer’s Rock, Ancient Babylon, etcetera, etcetera.”

“How does it work?” Xander stepped back as Angel moved closer, eyeing the charm.

“The protection charms will keep most harmful spells from affecting him, as well as blocking some physical wounds. The charms to hide him are the special ones. They will keep any scry spells from locating him, and they will keep those with less than honourable intentions from finding him. With the right keyword, it can also make him less noticeable, except to those that are keyed into it,” Robin finished, taking the necklace from Spike and carefully tying it around Xander’s neck. “You must wear this at all times. Do not take it off for anything or anyone.” Xander nodded, tracing the odd bumps and whorls in the rock.

“So what now?” Spike asked.

“Now, we retrieve our lost Seer.”

**** **** **** **** ****

Trent smiled down at the defiant green eyes, laughing softly as the bound man struggled. While he’d had fun torturing Xander, there was something a little more satisfying about having your toy scream for you. With a happy little shiver, he placed the edge of the knife against the half-demon’s skin and watched as the flesh parted beneath the blade. He laughed again as the seer screamed in pain.

“I really like this new toy,” he commented to the shadowed corner. “Pretty, pretty screams.”

“Remember you only have him for a short period of time,” a dark voice rumbled. “He must be dead by midnight tonight.”

“Yes, yes,” Trent rolled his eyes. “He’ll be gone as soon as I’m done here.”


**** **** **** **** ****

Spike watched his boy walk, sandwiched between Dru and Robin, smiling at whatever the vampiress was babbling about. He kept his eyes on the trio, ignoring the tall vampire walking beside him. He didn’t like the situation they were walking into, but he refused to leave Doyle to the other side’s mercy, not after the seer had helped rescue Xander.

“Spike,” Angel said from the side. “We need to talk.”

“No we don’t,” the blonde replied. “You need to get your head out of your ass and all of us together need to go and get Doyle. But we don’t need to talk.”

“William – ”

“Don’t call me that,” Spike snarled, turning to face the older vampire. “William died a long time ago, or don’t you remember? You helped kill him. And now with a soul, you’re doing the same thing to someone else.”

“I’m not killing anyone!” Angel shouted.

Spike stopped and stared. “Yes you are. And the pathetic part is you don’t even realize it.” He started walking again. “Let’s go, we have to get Doyle back.”

The blonde walked a little faster, pulling even with the trio. Smirking at Robin, he slipped between him and Xander letting the warmth of the boy calm him. There was silence for the rest of the trip, but Spike didn’t mind, it let him hear his boy’s heartbeat more clearly.

“Here,” Robin said suddenly, coming to a stop.

“It’s a bar.”

“Yes, but there’s an apartment below it. That’s where they are.”

“You’re sure?” Spike asked.

“Yes,” the green man nodded. “Are we ready.”

“Yes,” Angel answered.

“Let’s go then.”

**** **** **** **** ****

Doyle watched as his torturer lifted the knife to lick the blood away from the blade. The seer had been cursing himself since he was grabbed. He couldn’t help but wish things had been a little different, or even that he had thought before he walked out. Rash thinking only got a person hurt in the end. He was proof.

“Hmm, guess the demon blood does make it taste a little different,” the standing man remarked as he finished licking the blood off. “Still sweet though.”

Doyle opened his mouth to reply, but a loud noise from the other room stopped him. He watched in fascination as the door flew off its hinges, hitting the far wall with a loud bang. Three blurs rushed into the room, one dark, one light and one green, all headed for the man with the knife. Two figures followed them in, walking more calmly, but still quickly. Doyle sighed with relief when Xander smiled down at him as Druscilla snapped all the restraints. Sitting up carefully, he turned to look at the massacre happening across the room.

Angel and Spike were ripping into the defenceless body, snarls of rage falling from twisted lips. Standing over them, Robin chanted something, the language strange but beautiful. An arm went flying across the room accompanied by a wail of agony and the other three could hear Spike’s chuckle of satisfaction. A sudden flash of light filled the room and when it cleared the ruined mess of the man could be seen on the floor, lying in a pool of blood. There was another flash and he was gone, leaving them staring.

“He’s been sent to the Elders,” Robin answered the startled looks. “He will live in pain in a hell dimension until the Elders are satisfied that he has suffered enough. At that time they will kill him.” He walked over to Xander. “He will never harm you again.”

“Thank you,” Doyle said, for himself and Xander.

“You are one of us, Seer,” Robin smiled. “And we protect those like you. As for the young one, he is a puzzle and the Elders love puzzles.”

“Are they going to come after him?” Spike asked, coming over to wrap his arms around Xander.

“No, they are leaving him to find his destiny,” Robin answered. “And so must I. I will leave you now. Remember to keep neutral until he is ready to decide.”

Spike nodded. They watched as a portal opened behind the green man and he stepped back with a smile, disappearing from sight.

“Let’s head back to the hotel,” Spike said to Xander, leading him from the blood soaked room. “We’ll pick up our stuff and then head out of town.”

“No,” Angel disagreed. “I wasn’t joking when I said we needed to talk, Spike. Go to the hotel and grab your stuff, but meet us back at my place.”

“Meet you back at your place,” Doyle interjected. “I’m going with them.”

The souled vampire stared at his friend for a moment and nodded. “Fine. Just be there.” He turned and left the room, not waiting to see if the others agreed or not.

“Come on,” Spike sighed. “As soon as we finish with him we can leave this city. I’m starting to think it’s cursed.”

Doyle laughed at that. “Hell, I’m starting to agree with you.”



Chapter Fourteen: Spoiled Shadows
Summary: A parting of ways


The streets were still dark as Spike guided the car through town. He had the sudden urge to turn and head out of town, taking Xander, Dru and even Doyle away from Angel’s reach, but he knew realistically that it wouldn’t work. If Angel didn’t track them down, then the Elders would and the punishment would be swift and painful. He pulled the car into a parking spot and looked over at the dark-haired man sitting beside him. Doyle stared back at him, green eyes dark with suppressed emotion, then he sighed and slipped out of the car heading for the door to Angel’s apartment.

“Let’s get this over with,” Spike said, exiting the car. He held a hand out to Xander as the young man closed the car door and followed Doyle to the door, knowing that Dru would be right behind them.

Despite the darkness of the main room, Spike could clearly see the older vampire sitting with slumped shoulders. Angel didn’t look up as they entered, didn’t even flinch at the sudden illumination when Doyle flicked the light on. He just sat, staring down at his hand clasped loosely between his knees.

“I really fucked up this time, didn’t I?” he said softly.

“Yes,” the voices answered and Xander nodded.

“I thought I was doing something right,” Angel laughed bitterly. “Some champion I’ve turned out to be. Get an innocent captured and tortured, get my seer, my friend captured and tortured. Can’t seem to do anything right.”

Spike felt a brief wave of pity at the dejected look on the older vampire’s face. He didn’t want to feel sorry for the sod, but sometimes it was unavoidable, and this seemed to be one of those times. The souled vampire was trying, they all knew that and that fact was the only reason he wasn’t a pile of dust on the carpets. Angel’s efforts in rescuing Xander were the only reason for Spike sparing the vampire’s unlife.

“Angel,” Doyle began softly, moving to stand beside seated man. “Angel, look at me.”

The dark haired vampire lifted his head to meet Doyle’s eyes and even Spike could feel the charged emotions in the air. Angel grabbed the smaller man and pulled him close, burying his face in Doyle’s shirt. Spike could clearly hear the muffled sobs from across the room.

“Okay, enough of this,” spat Spike, striding over to knock some sense into the older vampire. “I want to get out of this town, soon preferably. That means the talk you want to have has to happen now.”

“You’re right,” Angel sighed as he pulled back and wiped his eyes. “Take a seat, everyone.”

Spike grabbed Xander and Dru, pulling them over to the couch away from the dark-haired man and the seer. He sat on one side of Xander and sat Dru on the other side of the boy, keeping the vulnerable one of their trio safely between them.

“One by one, two by two, little soldiers behind you,” Dru sang softly. “Night and day, clean, clean, clean.”

“Dru?” Spike questioned.

“Family matters,” she replied.

“Angel?” the blonde turned to look at the dark vampire.

“She’s right,” Angel answered. “I’ve been thinking since this whole damn thing started. Doyle and I are okay working alone, and we will do what’s right, but we might not always do what’s right. We need someone who’s willing to see the other side of the situation and make sure we do what’s truly right for everyone.”

“So you want me to stay?”


“What about my boy and Dru?” Spike asked. “Would you let them stay as well?”

“I figured that you were a joint deal,” Angel said ruefully. “It would mean more protection for Xander as well.”

“Give us a minute,” Spike said. He turned and looked at the two at his side, meeting both sets of dark eyes. Xander nodded, smiling slightly and Dru giggled, winking at him. “Guess that’s a yes then.”

Angel let out a sigh of relief. “We’ll need to find you some place to stay though. Unless. . .” he trailed off.

“What, Peaches?” Spike smirked. “Unless we stay with you? I don’t know, you are on your honeymoon.”

“Spike,” the dark vampire said in warning.

“You can’t stand me, why would you want us to live with you?”

“Like Dru said, family,” Angel answered. “Even when you’re driving me crazy, you’re still family, William, and I want you near.”

“Okay then, what’s the boundaries?” Spike snorted at Angel’s hurt look. “I know you, you won’t let me cry havoc or run around unchecked. So what’s my leash?”

As Angel opened his mouth to answer, a tightly rolled scroll popped into existence on the table before him. Glancing around the room with startled eyes, he met equally startled gazes. He reached a shaking hand for the scroll, wary about any trap that might be laid on the innocent looking parchment. When his fingers touched the ribbon holding it sealed a bright flash of light lit the room and the scroll lifted into the air and unrolled.

Reminder from the Council of Elders, sounded through the room. Seer Doyle, Champion Angelus, your bond must be consummated by the first fingers of day. A suitable punish shall be found if our commands are not met. Let this be your warning.

Angel flinched at the name used for him, but met a blushing Doyle’s eyes squarely. Doyle nodded and then looked away, his face still red. The vampire wondered briefly if Spike had been right about Doyle and the whole situation. While in Sunnydale he had begun to fall for the blonde, perky Slayer and her death at the hands of the Master hurt almost more than getting his soul. The thought of facing a similar situation with Doyle had kept him from acting on the attraction he felt for the seer. He didn’t want to loose anyone else. But Robin had said they would be bound forever, until one dies at which time the other would too. Confused, he turned his attention back to the scroll.

William the Bloody, you are charged with keeping the mortal, Alexander Lavelle Harris, safe and neutral. To complete your task, you must meet a balance between the light and dark side of your nature. We will leave the method to you.

Druscilla, Immortal Seeress, Mad Witch, to you we charge the task of teaching the Seer Doyle to control his gift. Use what means you deem necessary, but do not harm him.

Alexander Lavelle Harris, Mortal, to you we say learn. Strive for knowledge until the time comes for you to use your gifts.

Remember, we will be watching.

The scroll disappeared as it had come, leaving them looking around at each other in shook.

“Guess I won’t need a leash then,” Spike laughed.



Chapter Interlude: Silent Duty
Summary: Consummation of the Bond
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This is Angel and Doyle’s Wedding Night


Doyle avoided looking at the bed, instead focusing on the other furniture in the room. A large wardrobe stood on one side of the room, its doors open to show the dark clothes hanging inside. A low dresser sat next to it, the top covered in hair gel and books. Across the room was an armchair, big and plush and definitely not something he thought Angel would have. Glancing around he noticed there was nothing else other than the bed. Swallowing nervously he turned to look at it and the vampire sitting there.

“Doyle,” Angel started, staring hard at the still standing man. “Are you okay?”

Doyle met dark eyes, noticing that there was fear and uncertainty reflected back at him. He wondered exactly what Angel was so worried about; the vampire was getting the short end of the stick being stuck with him.

“Doyle,” Angel said again, a smile gracing his lips as he startled the seer out of his thoughts.

“Sorry, kinda got lost there,” the seer apologized, running a hand through his hair. “How do you want to do this?”

“Doyle,” the vampire said a third time, a note of exasperation creeping into his voice. “Can we talk first, please?”

“What’s there to talk about? Who’s going to be on top?” snorted Doyle, anger coursing through him at the vampire’s stall tactics.

“Please, let’s just talk about everything,” sighed the seated man. “We need to work the details out before we go on.”

“We don’t have the time to talk,” Doyle reminded him. “This all has to be done before dawn. Might as well get it over with and talk after.”

“I don’t want-” Angel begun.

“I’m well aware that you don’t want me or this,” Doyle snapped. “But we haven’t been offered a choice in the matter. So let’s just fuck and finish it!”

“No!” Angel surged to his feet. “There’s been a lot of misunderstanding around this whole situation. Now come here and talk to me for a few minutes. Please.”

“Angel,” Doyle sighed, all his anger rushing out. “I was serious. We don’t have the time to talk. Dawn’s not that far off.”

“Just for a moment,” the vampire pleaded, reaching out for his friend, no, his husband.

Doyle stepped closer letting the larger man pull him near. He sat on the edge of the bed gingerly, a strange fluttery sensation starting in his stomach. He tried not to flinch as Angel sat down beside him, the vampire’s eyes fixed on the floor between his feet.

“Do you care for me?” The question broke the accumulated silence. Doyle turned shocked eyes on the man beside him.

“Of course I care for you,” the seer assured his companion. “You’re my friend.”

Angel laughed. “Not quite what I meant.”

“Oh.” Doyle felt the red wave of his blush creep up his neck and into his face. “You mean, do I care for you.” He paused. “Yes, I do.”

“I care about you too,” Angel told him, lifting dark eyes from the floor to meet stunned green.

Doyle opened his mouth to ask for clarification but a pair of cool lips interrupted him. They settled over his own warm ones for a few moments before Angel pulled back, a slight smile gracing his face.

“Dance with me,” the vampire whispered, leaning across Doyle to flick on the radio.

The seer stood at Angel’s urging, listening as the soft strains of music filled the room. He raised an eyebrow as the song registered and couldn’t help but smile at the sheepish look on Angel’s face.

“I like this song,” the vampire apologized, stepping into the smaller man’s space. “Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again, because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence,” he sang softly.

They swayed together to the music, bodies briefly brushing. Nervously Doyle moved closer, letting his body rest fully against the taller man. A shiver ran through him, part from fear of rejection and part arousal. Angel wrapped long arms around him and lowered his head slowly, giving Doyle the chance to move away. Doyle didn’t though, instead he tilted his head up and met Angel’s lips with his own, tasting the other man’s mouth. The taste of fear, desire, regret and need all jumbled together with a taste that was pure Angel. He lost himself in the kiss, letting the larger man control it. He blinked dazedly when Angel pulled away but quickly regained his thoughts when Angel began to pull off their shirts. The sight of Angel’s bared chest made him uncertain and left him feeling small and pathetic next to the pale, muscled frame.

“Beautiful,” Angel murmured, running a hand down Doyle’s side. “Just beautiful.”

“I’m not,” he protested, reaching out to touch the pale expanse of perfect flesh.

“Yes you are,” the large man corrected. “Beautiful and mine.”

Their lips met again in a fierce kiss, tongues battling and teeth clashing as they tried to devour each other. Doyle wrapped his arms around Angel’s neck, pressing himself into the cool skin. He could feel the hard length of Angel’s erection against his stomach and ground his own against a muscled thigh. Their moans met and merged, filling the air around them.

Gasping, Doyle shivered as fingers plucked at the fastenings of his pants, deftly popping the button before slowly lowering the zipper. His breath caught as Angel’s larger hands pushed against the fabric, helping gravity lower the loosened pants. He stepped out of them at Angel’s urging and turned his attention to Angel’s belt. Quickly he divested the other man of his slacks, moaning as their naked skin met.

“On the bed,” the vampire ordered quietly, pushing away.

Blushing, Doyle climbed up and laid down, resting his head on the pillows. He watched wide-eyed as Angel rummaged around in the drawer of the night stand, coming up with a small jar. Brown eyes met green and held them mercilessly as Angel crawled up the bed stopping crouched over the prone figure. The larger man lowered his lips to Doyle’s neck, placing soft kisses on the delicate flesh. He trailed his lips down, over the collarbone and across Doyle’s chest. Doyle gasped as Angel’s cool mouth closed over one nipple, drawing the quickly hardening flesh in. The vampire moved over to the other one, giving it the same attention before moving further down to dip his tongue into the shallow dip of navel.

“Angel,” Doyle breathed as his lover continued downward, brushing his lips over the straining flesh of Doyle’s cock.

“Let me.”

The seer surrendered, letting his body go limp. Angel’s mouth and hands started an assault on his groin, licking, sucking, and caressing him into ecstasy. He moaned as his cock disappeared between cool lips and a finger pressed between the cheeks of his ass. Spreading his legs, he let Angel explore the tender flesh and managed to refrain from flinching as the finger worked its way into his hole. He moaned as the mouth on his cock sucked hard for a moment before Angel pulled away.

“Please,” he whimpered as he stared at the pale perfection. To him Angel looked like a marble statue come to life, all hard planes and white skin.

“Shh, I’m not going anywhere,” Angel promised.

He reached over and snagged the jar he had placed on the bed, unscrewing the top and dipping his fingers in. Doyle watched as those fingers pulled back, coated in a shiny substance. He spread his legs as Angel moved back into position and moaned as two fingers worked their way into his body. Twisting and thrusting, they stretched him slowly allowing Angel to push a third in. Doyle winced at the momentary pain but relaxed as Angel began to carefully move them. A sharp gasp left him when the thrusting fingers brushed over his prostate and his eyes closed on the wicked smile on Angel’s face. The next thrust of Angel’s fingers scored directly on the sensitive bundle of nerves and Doyle shuddered at the intense pleasure.

“No more, Angel,” he begged, reaching out for his lover. “Now, please.”

Angel removed his fingers and slathered the lube over his own straining erection before taking his place between the splayed legs. He held Doyle’s eyes as he pressed into the welcoming body, connecting them in the most primal way. They moved together, soft sounds escaping both of them as the pleasure climbed. Doyle pulled his lover down for a hard kiss, pouring all his feelings into it as the need became overwhelming. Their movements became more frantic and Doyle cried out as his orgasm hit, tumbling him into darkness. Angel followed a few moments after, closing his eyes against the intense pleasure. Neither noticed the flash of light signaling the formation of their bond.


“Shh, we’ll talk in the morning.”



Chapter Fifteen: Routine Silence
Summary: The crew looks for a place to live
Rating: PG


Spike watched Angel walk off with Doyle, hoping the over-gelled vampire didn’t mess up the perfect situation he had been given. He glanced over to Xander, noticing the worried look on the young man’s face.

“Xan? What’s wrong?” he moved closer to the trembling youth.

The boy’s eyes flickered between him and the door the newlyweds had left through. Spike wrapped his arms around his boy, wondering what had Xander so spooked.

“Red, red, red. Rain and pain drowning the world,” Dru whispered as she glided over.

“Oh pet, it’s not like that,” Spike promised. “They’re not going to hurt each other.”

Xander shook his head and burrowed deeper into Spike’s arms. The vampire held him tightly, wishing he could assure the young man that Doyle and Angel would both be safe with each other. The boy’s only experience with sex was at the hands of that torturer, skewing the boy’s views totally and making it hard for Spike to explain the situation.

“Soft and sweet like cotton candy melting,” Dru hummed, cuddling close to Xander. “Trip to Heaven’s Gate to greet St. Peter with a smile.”

Intent brown eyes lifted to meet serious blue ones and Spike nodded at the silent question. Tension ran from the thin body and Spike tightened his arms as Xander sagged in his grasp. He steered the boy and Dru over to the couch, easing them down and following. Xander stayed close, the aftermath of his fear leaving little tremors racking his body. Spike sighed and tucked the dark head under his chin, meeting Dru’s solemn gaze. The seeress smiled softly before lying against the boy and singing a quiet lullaby, encouraging the boy to drift off to sleep. The blonde waited until the thin body had relaxed totally and the boy’s breathing had deepened before he slipped off the couch and started pacing, thoughts racing through his mind.

“Should we stay?” he asked Dru, voicing his topmost thought. “Robin didn’t say we needed to, just that we had to stay neutral.”

“Daddy needs help,” she whispered. “There’s too many angels for him to save alone.”

He sighed. “So you think we should stay.”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“All right then,” he said, stopping to look down at them. “We’re gonna have to find a place to live. Some place nice for the boy.”

” Ask the eyes that peer into the dark,” suggested Dru. “He knows many things.”

“Yeah, good idea. He’s already shown he has contacts in the city,” he said as he knelt in front of the couch. “I’ll ask him when they come up for air.”

“That may take awhile,” Dru said with a sly grin.

**** **** **** **** ****

Cool bodies on each side of him greeted Xander as he rose from the depths of sleep. Yawning, he stretched contently and moved further into the arms around him. Opening his eyes, he smiled up at the pale face looking down at him. Dru smiled back and brushed a lock of his hair back. The body behind him shifted and he turned his head to look into brilliant blue eyes.

“Awake there, pet?” Spike laughed.

Xander shook his head and closed his eyes, pretending to go back to sleep. His mouth opened in silent laughter as Dru’s fingers attacked his sides, tickling him until his breath caught and tears leaked from his eyes.

“Having fun?” Doyle’s voice broke through their fun and Xander glanced up to see the half-demon standing beside the couch holding out a plate of food. “I made breakfast since we’re the only ones that eat.”

“Hey, I eat,” Spike protested.

“Okay, we’re the only ones who need to eat,” Doyle clarified.

Xander accepted the plate with a smile and eased into a sitting position, still pressed against Spike. The food was heavenly after the horror of the past couple of days. He savoured each bite, letting the simple flavour of bacon and eggs fill his senses. Scraping the last bits off the plate he offered Doyle another smile of thanks and brushed away the other man’s hand when he reached for the now empty plate. Reaching out a quick hand, he snatched Doyle’s plate and stood, heading toward where he had noticed the kitchen the night before.

“You don’t have to do that,” protested Doyle, trying to take the dishes back.

Xander shooed him away with a gentle smile and started washing up the dirty dishes, glad to have something to contribute. He could hear the others talking quietly over the sound of the water, their voices winding around each other in soft murmurs. He had some curiosity about their conversation, but he trusted Spike to do what was right for all of them. Once the dishes were done he dried his hands and moved back to the living room, stopping when he saw Spike and Angel standing toe to toe, both growling lowly. He glanced over at Doyle who was pale and Dru who was more than a little angry.

“Always trying to control things,” spat the blonde. “Can’t let someone make their own decisions, live their own lives.”

“Hate to point it out, but you don’t have a life, Spike, you’re dead!” Angel hissed back.

“That has nothing to do with it, stop trying to change the subject,” Spike smirked. “We’re not talking about my life or unlife. We’re talking about control, remember?”

“I have the control and you’re staying here where I can keep an eye on you,” commanded Angel. “I’m not letting you run around town.”

“Already promised I wouldn’t go around randomly attacking the population,” Spike reminded the older vampire. “Was going to ask your husband if he knew any nice places to crash.”

Xander noticed the minute flinch Angel gave at the word husband and shot a quick glance at Doyle, seeing the pale face and shaking hands. He moved closer and touched the other man’s arms, bringing the green gaze to his face. Doyle gave him a sad smile and patted his hand before turning their attention back to the argument.

“Besides,” Spike shrugged. “You don’t have enough room here for all of us.”

“All of us?” Angel asked, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“You, Doyle and the three of us,” Spike said slowly. “You don’t think they’re gonna let you two live apart do you?”

“Didn’t really think about that,” the older vampire admitted absently. He glanced around the room. “Maybe I should get a bigger place.”

“I know a couple of places,” Doyle said quietly. “Some apartments and such. A house or two.”

“Can you make some calls?” Angel asked. Xander blinked at the soft tone and the warmth in his gaze as he looked at his husband. Doyle flushed and nodded, hurrying out of the room.

“You want to stay, pet?” Spike asked, crossing the room to stand beside Xander. “Can you live with them? With Angel?”

Xander looked carefully at Angel, seeing the regret and remorse in the dark eyes. He turned and looked up at Spike, nodding slowly. The blonde sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Fine,” he sighed. “We’ll be one big happy family.”

**** **** **** **** ****

“Not bad,” Spike said, eyeing the house Doyle led them up to. “How many rooms does this place have?”

“Six bedrooms, four bathrooms, state of the art kitchen, a living room, a family room, an attic and an attached garage,” the seer said proudly.

“Does if have a basement?” Angel asked.


“How much?”

“Only 20.”

“Why so cheap?” Spike was suspicious.

“Well,” the seer started, licking his lips nervously. “About two years ago a family lived here. Guess the wife snapped one day and killed everyone in their sleep.”

“You want us to move into a house where murders took place?” Angel asked. “Something like that leaves a taint.”

“Scratching, whispering, shadowed in the dark,” Dru said softly, running a hand over the door. “Baby cries, never dies. Mama wants it to stop.”

“Okay, fine, maybe this isn’t the right place,” Doyle sighed. “But you guys have shot down all the other options.”

“Are there any others left?” Spike turned to look at the smaller man.

“Just one, but it’s worse.”


“The old Hyperion.”

Spike watched out of the corner of his eye as the souled vampire stilled, his face blank. “The Hyperion Hotel?” Angel’s voice was soft.

“Yeah, well I considered it ’cause we’d need some place that we wouldn’t be on top of each other, and it’s got a lot of room,” Doyle justified.

“What’s wrong with it then?” the blonde asked, glancing between the two.

“I’m not quite sure what happened,” the half-demon admitted. “Just that something bad went down a couple of decades ago.”

“Daddy,” Dru called softly, moving over to stand next to the still frozen vampire.

“Angel?” Spike questioned curiously.

“The Hyperion’s perfect,” the old vampire said finally. “We just have to kill the demon living there first.”

“Demon?” Doyle squeaked.

“Why do I have a feeling there’s a long story there,” Spike sighed. “Oh well, at least I get some violence out of it.”

**** **** **** **** ****

The building stood before them, large and intimidating. Xander felt a chill skitter down his back as he looked up at the darkened windows. He could tell something wrong, something evil resided within the walls of the old hotel, calling them forward. With fear settling into his bones he began to back away from the brick monstrosity, only stopping when his back met the solid wall of Angel’s chest. He tipped his head up and looked into the taller man’s face, his fear of the vampire eclipsed by his terror of the building.

Angel’s eyes looked down at him, full of understanding and compassion before the vampire gave him a little nudge toward Doyle.

“I think Doyle and Xander should stay out here,” the vampire said, looking over at the two other undead. “It’ll be safer for them.”

“Yeah,” Spike agreed. He turned to look at Xander. “You okay with that?”

Xander nodded and settled into a spot next to Doyle, watching as the three vampires strode into the building, repressed violence shimmering off them. He shot a look sideways, seeing his own fear and worry shining back out of green eyes. The whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth and filled him with dread. Something was really wrong in the building.

They sat in silence as they waited for their vampires to return and each minute that passed increased Xander’s worry. About an hour later his head snapped up and his eyes locked on the flickering light he could see behind the drawn blinds of one window. He stared intently at the light before surging to his feet. Grabbing Doyle’s arm, he pulled the seer with him into the hotel, bypassing the elevator and racing up the stairs. Reaching the floor he wanted, he ran down the hallway searching for one particular door. Finding it, he burst through, startling the old woman and the demon leaning over her. Without a second thought he threw himself between them, putting his back to the demon and burying the woman’s face in his chest. He shuddered as he felt the demon’s hands brush against his back. He heard Doyle enter the room and felt the air rush past as the seer tackled the demon, raining blows down upon the startled monster. Moments later Dru, Spike and Angel rushed into the room, joining the seer in the destruction while Xander checked the old woman for injuries.

“Are you okay?” He looked up into Spike’s eyes as the vampire rose up from the now dead demon. Smiling, he nodded and threw himself into the strong arms, letting his vampire protect him.

They watched as Angel spoke softly with the woman, everyone aware that the woman’s time on the Earth was nearly over. Xander smiled at the tenderness the older man showed, seeing a part of him that sparked some more trust.

“Seems we got a new home,” Spike said later that night, strolling around the dust covered lobby. “Lot of work though.”

Home, Xander thought wistfully, leaning against Dru, that sounds very nice.


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